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County Property & Salvage Process


The following steps are to be followed by any Community Based Organization (CBO) who wishes to receive surplussed property from Alameda County Property & Salvage.

These 5 steps are to be completed by the CBO and the Property & Salvage Receptionist:

  1. The CBO representative will present the Receptionist with a business card identifying their organization. Property & Salvage will verify that the organization is on a Master List of CBOs provided by BHCS. If the CBO is not listed then they are not eligible to receive items at no cost but can purchase items as priced by Property & Salvage.

  2. The CBO will ask to see what surplussed property is available at the Property & Salvage warehouse and will be given a 4 part County form 100-6 to fill out and tags for any items they select. A sample form is below.

  3. If the CBO finds items that they could use in their treatment facilities, use the tags provided and tag each of the selected items.

  4. The CBO will complete four areas of the form:
    1. Date of visit to Property & Salvage
    2. Description of items the CBO would like to take with them on the date of the visit. Include the quantity (example: 4 chairs, 1 desk, 2 four drawer file cabinets).
    3. Complete the “Deliver Items To” section with the exact location of the facility where the described items will be used. CBOs are responsible for their own pick-ups. Property & Salvage hours are:
      8:30-noon and 12:30 to 3:00 pm. Please call 510-667-7591 to be sure the warehouse is open before you visit.
    4. Check B where indicated on the sample form.

  5. The CBO keeps the goldenrod copy of the form and gives the other 3 copies to the Receptionist. Property & Salvage will assist in loading the CBOs’ vehicles.
These three steps are to be completed by the Property & Salvage Receptionist and BHCS:
  1. Property & Salvage will complete the 110-6 form (Originating Dept, Dept ID, QIC, weight, amount of items, and the “Property & Salvage Use Only” section) and will write the cost savings or cost avoidance and a total value for the items taken by the CBO in the Description area of the form.

  2. Property & Salvage will then send the 110-6 form to BHCS (via QIC 22711 attention Barbara Becker) who will sign the form in the “Departmental Approval” box, keep the pink copy, and return the white and yellow copies of the form to Property & Salvage. This will complete the transfer of surplussed property to BHCS and their contracted CBO partner.

  3. BHCS staff will maintain the tracking of all activities by date, amount, and which CBO participated and provide semi-annual reports to Property & Salvage as well as other interested parties.