In our first year of “CBOs Have Purchasing Power”, HCSA CBOs saved over $181,000 on the cost of goods only.  Many CBOs also saw their $50 delivery charge for office supplies disappear as well as any requirement for minimum orders.  Overall CBOs saved an average of 18% using the Alameda County Contract for office supplies and many reported savings of 40%.


We had 55% of the CBOs participate in the cost savings from Office Depot and Konica-Minolta the first year.  Thanks to all of you who are participating, and to those who haven’t yet signed up, please do so today.  It takes five minutes to sign up with Office Depot in which time they can show you how to compare “County Prices” with what you are currently paying, and set up your internet account.  Savings on Konica-Minolta copiers are averaging 50%.  These copiers are brand new and include all supplies and maintenance in one low monthly rental rate (you’ll never own another out-of-date copier).


We are investigating additional cost savings programs now.  Watch this location for news as we introduce new programs in 2007. 


Congratulations and thanks for your support.  Please participate in these cost-savings programs today.  Call the Office Depot and Konica-Minolta contact folks listed below to see how your CBO can benefit.


  Office Depot:               Kim Daly 510-497-5579                        

  Konica- Minolta:          David Offerman 510-865-7200 X 124