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Sent:                                           Friday, March 10, 2017 2:46 PM

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Subject:                                     Alameda County CANS and ANSA Newsflash 3.10.17

Attachments:                          FAQ - Contact Sheet.pdf; Decision Tree.pdf; ANSAPre-Certification.pdf


Greetings System Administrators and Implementation Leads,


Some of you may have heard the news that effective February 14, 2017  yours truly transferred into a new role with Transition Age Youth (TAY) Services. Consequently, my last official day as the CANS/ANSA Project Director is April 14, 2017.  In my absence, Cheryl Narvaez (CANS/ANSA Coordinator) will be your primary contact person under the direction of Quality Management Director, Rudy Arrieta.  Cheryl will oversee Objective Arts (OA) Onboarding including coordination of our local CANS/ANSA Provider Collaborative, BHCS Implementation Support, and Information Systems Teams. 


Going forward, should you have questions about the CANS/ANSA tool or need help troubleshooting OA technology related questions, here’s a quick reference list on who you should contact:




Objective Arts Technology related issues


BHCS Information Systems - Cameren Sales,

Online Training and Certification - Lauren Schmidt,

Documentation, Policy, Procedures, and QA related issues

BHCS Quality Assurance - Cheryl Narvaez,

Onboarding, Implementation Support, and System of Care related issues


BHCS System of Care Liaisons

·         Adolescent SUD – Nathan Hobbs,

·         Adult - Marlisa Davis,

·         Children - Lisa Carlisle-Marcus,

·         Older Adult -  Michael Kessler,

·         Young Adults (TAY) - Alex Jackson,

Staff Training, Train-the-Trainer Resources, Clinical Content, Client Engagement, Treatment Planning, Workflow, In-House Training, Reports/Outcome Data, Coaching and Learning Communities

CANS/ANSA Provider Collaborative Coaches:

Erin Rosenblatt,

Cinthya Chin-Herrera, 

Jen Leland,

Jen Cardenas,


Praed/Chapin Hall Trainers:

John Lyons,

April Fernando,

Additional CANS/ANSA Resources   


Please visit BHCS Provider Website CANS/ANSA Tab for  

·         Latest News & Updates

·         Manuals, Rating Sheets, & Policy

·         Objective Arts (OA) Resources

·         CANS/ANSA Provider Collaborative




Other final thoughts…


1.       The CANS/ANSA Provider Collaborative will be providing an ANSA Pre-Certification Training workshop on Thursday, March 16th at 9am.  See Attached PDF.

2.       The next phase of the CANS/ANSA initiative will focus on sustainability and building internal agency capacity. To guide this process, we put together a   FAQ - Contact Sheet  and Decision Tree for System Administrators.  See Attached PDF.

3.       We now have 62 organizations representing 505 unique programs across four systems of care using CANS/ANSA tools. To date, 81% (50/62) of all county-operated and community-based organizations have gone “Live” on OA.  Only 12 more to go!   

4.       The OA Attestation Deadline is Friday, 3/31/17, 5pm. Please check-in with your assigned BHCS Implementation Support Liaison to confirm your proposed OA “Go-Live” date. 



It’s been a pleasure; thank you kindly for all of your hard work in making the CANS/ANSA Initiative a success!  




Alexander Jackson, LCSW

CANS/ANSA Project Director

Clinical Manager, TAY Services

Alameda County BHCS

2000 Embarcadero Cove, Suite 400

Oakland, CA 94606

Office: (510) 567-8123  

Mobile: (510) 381-2215



Please note my new email address is