MHSA Housing Program

State Funding for Developing Permanent Supportive Housing for Individuals with Severe Mental Illness

MHSA Housing Efforts in Alameda County

Alameda County has invested significant amounts of MHSA funding into improving the housing situations of households impacted by serious mental health issues. MHSA funding in Alameda County has been used to:

  1. Create a Housing Services Office;
  2. Support the efforts to end homelessness coordinated by EveryOne Home;
  3. Develop and maintain a housing search website,
  4. Provide housing-related training and education;
  5. Subsidize housing costs for clients in specialized intensive programs;
  6. Provide financial assistance to prevent homelessness and help people move from homelessness into stable housing;
  7. Create service programs focused on helping homeless individuals move into permanent housing; and
  8. Develop new affordable housing opportunities (MHSA Housing Program).
These collective efforts have contributed to significant reductions in homelessness among people with serious mental health issues.

For a booklet of MHSA housing in Alameda County, please contact the Housing Service Office.