Cicley Winston has an A.S degree in Social and Behavioral Science and has been working with children, teens, and adults in the social and behavioral health field for over 25 years.

She is a peer specialist, author and workshop facilitator and is genuinely passionate about seeking out resources and valuable information and engaging with the community to identify critical needs.

This research is collected and shared with others to assist in the process of identifying and connecting them with programs and services to help raise their awareness and quality of life.

Through the National Association of Mental Illness (NAMI) Cicley has donated countless hours as a presenter in programs such as, In Our Voice, Law Enforcement Training and has been a participant in the Peer-to-Peer program.

One of the many highlights in her career was owning and operating a successful preschool and wellness center for infants, toddlers, and school age children.

Over the years, Cicley has obtained vast knowledge and experience in early childhood education, community organizing, business administration, mental health education and training, substance abuse education and youth development.

Her vast knowledge and hands-on experience have prepared her to serve on Alameda Counties Mental Health advisory board with great honor and commitment.