Brian Bloom has been a member of the Mental Health Advisory Board since 2014.  He is one of Supervisor Nate Miley’s appointees to the Board.  He currently co-chairs the Board’s Criminal Justice Committee.  Brian represented the Board on the Justice Involved Mental Health Task Force in Alameda County from 2017 to the present.  He was a High School Social Studies Teacher from 1984 to 1989.  He recently retired as an Assistant Public Defender for the Office of the Alameda County Public Defender, having worked there for 27 years.  He handled all manner of cases:  from civil commitments to misdemeanors to complex capital litigation; supervised the Office’s Training Program; was the Manager of various Branch Offices; and specialized in legal ethics as well as the interplay between criminal justice and mental health.  Brian and his wife of 32 years live in Berkeley and have two adult children.  He enjoys hiking, cooking, and playing guitar.