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Emergency/Interim Housing   

The HSO collaborates with Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency (BOSS) and East Oakland Community Project (EOCP) to provide emergency/interim housing for ACBHCS clients. These sites have dedicated residential beds for ACBHCS clients with serious mental health issues that are homeless. BOSS Casa Maria and BOSS South County Homeless Project exclusively serve ACBHCS clients. The other two sites serve mixed populations.

The BOSS Casa Maria interim housing site is ONLY available for ACBHCS clients currently receiving services from a Level I or Level II ACBHCS-funded service team. Please specifically refer to the Casa Maria Interim Housing documents below for more information, procedures, and referral requirements.

Before making a referral for emergency/interim housing, please complete the following:

  • Please verify the facility has an opening by contacting HSO at (510) 891-8928.
  • Get to know the emergency/interim housing facility and program before making a referral. A site visit is strongly encouraged before referring a client.
  • Make sure the client understands the location, structure, requirements and services of the facility and program before making a referral.
  • Obtain a TB test for the client and include the documentation with the referral.
  • Ensure that the client has an appropriate supply of medications and a clear method for obtaining refills.
  • Schedule an appointment for follow-up mental health services and supports. Referrals without a follow up mental health appointment will not be processed.
  • Obtain a Release of Information (ROI) from the client to share information with the staff at the facility and HSO. The client must authorize you to share federally protected medical information with the HSO office and all of the emergency housing sites. Referrals without complete ROI forms will not be processed.
  • Include the client’s services follow-up plan with the client and staff at the emergency/interim housing program by including it with the referral.
  • Include the client’s psychosocial history documentation when available (assessment, treatment plan, notes, medication logs, etc.) by including it with the referral.
  • Ensure the client has transportation to the facility.

Complete the BHCS Emergency/Interim Housing Referral form in its entirety and gather the supporting paperwork to include with the referral: ROI; Homeless Verification; TB Test Verification; Psychosocial documentation; Client Service Plan.

Incomplete referrals will not be processed. Federal law requires that a Release of Information form signed by the client is included. The ROI should authorize you, as the referring agent, to release federally protected medical information to our office, Housing Services, and the emergency housing sites.

Fax the BHCS emergency housing referral form and all of the requested information to HSO staff at (877) 341-5867. HSO staff will review the faxed referral and determine initial eligibility for referral.

The City of Berkeley now has a coordinated entry system for its emergency housing sites. Harrison House at Ursula Sherman Village in West Berkeley accepts referrals from this new system that is staffed by the Berkeley Food and Housing Project team at 1901 Fairview Street, Berkeley.

Please contact 1-866-960-2132 for more information. It is open Monday through Friday 9 am – 12 noon and 1 to 4 pm.

CLICK HERE FOR Emergency Housing Referral Information
CLICK HERE FOR Emergency Housing Referral Forms

CASA MARIA, located at 2280 San Pablo Avenue in Oakland, is a three-story shared housing setting that is smoke, drug and alcohol-free. The building can accommodate up to 26 single residents. There is a wheelchair accessible unit on the ground floor that may house two individuals. There are two upper floors, with four units per floor. Each of these units has two bedrooms and a kitchenette. The smaller bedroom accommodates one resident and larger bedroom is for two residents. Floors are designated by men and women and there are dedicated spaces for transition age youth (TAY), 18 – 25 years old. Casa Maria will provide one meal, dinner, to residents.

The Casa Maria program staff will not provide transportation, mental health or case management services. Mental health treatment, transportation and supporting the resident to obtain permanent housing are the responsibility of the Level I or Level II Service Provider.

Residency Cost:
There is a six (6) month limit for residency at Casa Maria. Occupants of shared bedrooms pay no rent or deposit for the first three (3) months of residency. Occupants in the single bedroom pay $250/month during the first three (3) months. During the final three (3) months of stay both residents of single and shared bedrooms pay $250/month and a security deposit.

Before making a referral, please complete the following:

  • Please confirm the emergency housing site has an opening by contacting HSO at (510) 777-2112
  • Obtain a Release of Information (ROI) from the consumer to share information with Casa Maria and HSO staff. The referral form will NOT be processed without a release of information that includes BOTH of these parties. Include the fully completed ROI with this referral..
  • Complete this form in its entirety with the applicant.
  • Obtain a TB test and include the documentation/results with the referral.
  • Make sure the consumer understands the location, housing structure, requirements and services of the facility before making a referral. If approved, the applicant will be required to complete paperwork at Casa Maria acknowledging the housing requirements and expectations.
  • Ensure the consumer has an appropriate supply of medications and a clear method for obtaining refills.
  • Confirm the consumer is able to care for themselves (e.g. dress, hygiene, meals, medications, etc.).
  • Ensure the consumer has transportation to the facility.
  • Ensure the client has a follow up mental health appointment.
  • Include the client’s service follow-up plan with this fully completed referral.
  • Include the client’s psychosocial history documentation (assessment, treatment plan, notes, medication logs, etc.)
  • Fax the fully completed referral form, Release of Information form, TB Test verification, client’s service plan, and client’s psychosocial history documentation to HSO for processing to (877) 341-5867.

HSO staff will notify the referring Level I or Level II provider if their referral has been approved and will forward the referral to Casa Maria. The case manager will need to schedule the intake process with the Casa Maria staff. Though a referral may have been approved by the HSO office, an intake appointment must be scheduled. The Casa Maria staff does not process walk in clients.


BHCS emergency and interim housing spaces are updated weekly. Please CLICK HERE for information on current spaces.

Housing Search   

Collaborative housing information and education effort focused on expanding housing choices for low-income Alameda County residents.

Eden I & R Housing Listing 
Contact Eden I & R to get more information about how to sign-up for the fee subscription.  (510) 727-9565

Eden I & R 2-1-1 Information and Referral Service
Provide information and referral related to housing and human services 24 hours/7 days per week.  Call “2-1-1” or (888) 886-9660.

Provides list of licensed residential homes, skilled nursing facilities (510) 638-6878

Senior Housing Guide and Information/Assistance (800) 510-2020

California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANR)  (800) 474-1116
Advocates for skilled nursing facilities. 

California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing
Search on licensed facility.

Greater Bay Area Adult Care Licensing Office - (510) 286-4201
Central California Senior Care Licensing Office - (650) 266-8800

California Registry
Resources on licensed facilities, targeted to older adults or people with medical needs.

Alameda County Housing Authorities  

Oakland Housing Authority  (510) 874-1500

Alameda County Housing Authority  (510) 538-8876

City of Berkeley Housing Authority  (510) 981-5470

City of Alameda Housing Authority  (510) 747-4300

City of Livermore Housing Authority  (925) 447-3600

City of Dublin Housing Authority  (510) 538-8876
Managed by the Alameda County Housing Authority

Nonprofit Affordable Housing Developers  

East Bay Housing Organizations  (510) 663-3830

Satellite Affordable Housing Associates  (510) 647-0700

Resources for Community Development  (510) 841-4410

Mercy Housing  (510) 433-1845

EBALDC - East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation  (510) 287-5353

Citizens Housing Corporation  (510) 986-7285

Allied Housing   (510) 979-2003

Shared Housing/Short-Term Assistance  

Eden Council for Hope and Opportunity  (510) 581-9380
Call for information about security deposit and rental assistance.

East Oakland Switchboard  (510) 569-6369
Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:00am - 4:00pm.
Provides nutrition and food bank resources.

Tri-City Volunteers, Inc.  (510) 793-4583
Food Bank:
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 10:00am to 4:00pm
Closed Fridays & Weekends
Provides nutrition and food bank resources

TriValley Haven Homeless Shelter – Sojourner House – (925) 449-2510
TriValley Haven Food Panty – (925) 449-1664