Girls Incorporated of Alameda County - Pathways Counseling Center

Location: Our agency has two out-patient clinics.
510 - 16th St in Oakland (our new Administrative headquarters).
13666 E. 14th St in San Leandro (Our prior administrative headquarters)
Both locations are accessible by BART and bus.
We also provide therapy services at several San Leandro schools.
Age Group Served: All age groups. Our primary focus is on children 3 years old and up, as well as Transition Age Youth (TAY).
Program Description: Our agency teaches and provides:
Individual, family, couples, groups, and family therapy.
Multidisciplinary team approach in working with other providers in the community.
Consultation for school personnel, Girls Inc. staff, MISSSEY, and other service providers.
Family and collateral therapy and advocacy
Support for students in the general milieu
Case Management and community based therapy services

We provide clinic based and school based therapy services. We are a low fee and Medi-Cal provider of Mental Health services.
Placement Period: August through August each year.
Marriage and Family Therapy interns are able to collect a large number of relational hours (child and family hours).
Program/Placement Hours: Interns work Monday through Friday and can schedule clinic cases based on client need. Many of the children and families we work with come to therapy after school or evening hours. Trainees work 20-24 hours a week. Interns work 24 or 40 hours a week.
Preferred Discipline / Experience: We teach and supervise Trauma Focused CBT for work with all traumatized youth and families. We also integrate conceptualizing cases from a psychodynamic perspective. We teach Community Mental health and organizational psychology principles.
A desire to learn is highly valued.
First or Second Year Students: We accept all disciplines, Psychology, Social Work, and Marriage and Family Therapists.
Second year, we require at least one year, and prefer two years, of previous clinical experience.
Supervision & Training: We provide extensive training and supervision with seven licensed MH staff.
We have a comprehensive and intensive year-long training program related to the services we provide (hours a week of training).
We provide supervision as required by Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS), Board of Psychology (BOP), and California Psychology Internship Council (CAPIC).
All interns will receive:
One-to-two hours of individual supervision per week
And, two hours of group supervision per week

Girls Incorporated of Alameda County Community MH Training Consortium (formerly SACSAC) provides periodic training events (free to all staff and interns).
Send Resume to: Vicci Tibbetts, MFT
Clinical Training Director
510 – 16th St., Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 357-5515 ext. 217
Application Due Date: We begin trainee-intern recruitment at the end of January for the following year’s internship that begins in August.
We participate in CAPIC pre-doctoral psychology notification dates (Feb and March) and BAPIC psychology trainee notification dates (April).
We accept applications until all positions are filled.
Stipends Available: Interns are eligible to apply for the ACBHCS Graduate Intern Stipend Program, up to $6,000 for a minimum of 720 internship hours, awarded through a competitive process.
Pre-doctoral psychology interns are also eligible to apply for the CAPIC/MHSA Psychology Intern Stipend Program. Each year we have an intern(s) who has been awarded a stipend.