ACBH operates a variety of services that have a focus on Medi-Cal beneficiaries who have had interactions with law enforcement. Our department has developed a Forensic, Diversion, & Reentry Services system of care to support individuals and their families navigate this time in their lives; in partnership with many community-based organizations, health care facilities, and other County agencies.

We have come to know that frequently there can be a connection with mental illness or substance abuse and challenges with the legal system. To interrupt this cycle and impact upon individuals with severe mental illness, ACBH operates a variety of in-custody and community programs to support its beneficiaries. ACBH forensic programs are designed to help individuals who have a mental illness or substance use disorder understand behaviors, find alternative community resources, and identify potential risk factors that may contribute to or lead to unfortunate interactions with the criminal justice or legal systems. Medication support, stable housing, social and family connection, and meaningful life activity (including employment) all assist them along their journey towards wellness and recovery.

ACBH operates both behavioral health programs in the juvenile and adult detention centers as well as a large network of community-based programs such as a Behavioral Health Court (BHC), Assisted Outpatient Treatment programs, or forensic involved Full-Service Partnerships.

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To get started please call our main helpline at 1 (800) 491-9099.

Forensic, Diversion, and Re-Entry Services Leaders