Housing Solutions for Health is a Mental Health Service Act funded program that provides intermediate and permanent housing for individuals with a serious and persistent mental illness. When an individual has a serious mental illness, one of the key building blocks needed for recovery and healthy lifestyle maintenance is to have a safe, clean and healthy place to live.

Frequently those with serious mental health challenges will need additional support. Types of support needed are assistance with medications, coaching around daily living skills (such as house cleaning, bathing, and shopping), social connections, and an overall approach that supports the person with respect, autonomy and dignity.

We also recognize that there are often numerous steps that must be taken before a person with severe mental illness can acquire a permanent home. Therefore, our department also funds and operates emergency shelter beds, shorter term housing with treatment for their mental illness or substance abuse issue, and emergency housing assistance to aid someone in a domestic violence or other threatening situations.

For any housing referral please call 211.