Acute & Integrated Health Care

The Office of the Medical Director is responsible for a variety of functions, all of which relate to its primary role of assuring that the provision of psychiatric medical care by ACBH psychiatrists and nurses is of high quality. Providing this level of care within the managed care environment and budget limitations also includes the need to control health care costs. 

Our Office, therefore, addresses both of these areas in a number of different ways:

  • Monitors quality of psychiatric care at service sites through a variety of methods, including chart reviews of provider practice using established clinical guidelines
  • Chairs ACBH Psychiatric Practices Committee composed of representatives from both CBO and county-operated outpatient programs
  • Manages a comprehensive pharmacy system, including containment of costs
  • Provides CMA accredited Continuing Medical Education program
  • Provides psychopharmacological consultation/evaluation
  • Delivers client, family and community organization education/presentations
  • Coordinates centralized psychiatrist recruitment for BHCS programs

In addition to the provision of psychiatric services, The Office of the Medical Director oversees Integrated Health Care, Crisis Services and Emergency Operations. 

These services include:

  • Provides integrated care environments providing mental health, primary care and substance use services
  • Provides psychiatric consultation to primary care, specialty HIV and substance use focused programs
  • Coordinates ACBH efforts around CalAIM initiative
  • Provides oversight for several Mobile Crisis Service Team initiatives
  • Delivers post-crisis follow up linkage and care
  • Oversight of LPS Designation and training for facilities and Practitioners
  • Develop and maintain Emergency Operation Protocols for ACBH

Acute & Integrated Health Care Leaders


Aaron Chapman, MD

Medical Director

Angela Coombs, MD

Associate Medical Director

Charles Raynor, PharmD

Pharmacy Services Director
Kinzi Richholt, RN

Kinzi Richholt, RN

Chief Nursing Officer
Stephanie Lewis, LMFT

Stephanie Lewis, LMFT

Acting Crisis Services System of Care Director

Freddie Smith, MPH

Integrated Care Services Division Director