Psychiatry & Nursing

The Office of the Medical Director oversees psychiatric and medication prescribing services at various levels of care throughout the behavioral healthcare delivery system. Psychiatric services are provided in outpatient, inpatient, urgent care and correctional settings. These services include medication evaluation, prescribing where appropriate, follow-up and monitoring.

Psychiatric Services are provided in a variety of outpatient programs at different levels of care Including:

  • Service Teams
  • Full-service Partnerships (FSP)
  • Drop-in Urgent Care
  • Medication Support
The Office of the Medical Director also oversees the coordination of medical services between outpatient and inpatient settings and collaborates with the Quality Management Department in the oversight of Quality Assurance (QA) activities related to medical services. The Medical Support team include psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and physician assistants. Nursing staff supports the efforts of the prescribing team. The office of the Medical Director, including the Pharmacy Unit, maintains a network of pharmacies and Pharmacy Benefits Management to assure that all clients in need are able to access prescribed psychotropic medications. In addition to direct psychiatric services, the Office of the Medical Director oversees psychiatric consultation to our primary care and substance use treatment partners.

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