ACBH Pharmacy Services are located within the Office of the Medical Director and are responsible for a variety of functions, all of which relate to its primary role of assuring that the provision of psychiatric medical care within Alameda County is of high quality regardless of where in the system a client may seek care.

Pharmacy Services manages and engages in the following ways:

This program ensures ACBH clients have access to a full range of psychotropic medications and that these medications are prescribed and monitored in accordance to established standards of care. Pharmacy Services accomplishes this via the administration of ACBH medication formularies and the management of Patient Assistance Programs (applying for free medications from drug manufactures for eligible clients).
To ensure optimal access to all of our clients. This includes pharmacies that provide delivery, and specialty packaging for clients who have the need for services such as bubble packing and strip packing.
Reviewing medical charts of prescribers for clinically and medically appropriate care, proper documentation, and giving feedback and consultation to the prescribers.
To further ensure the medical care provided is safe and of high quality.

To prescribers, other medical staff, clients, family and community organizations.

To provide direct patient care to clients in outpatient clinics, inside the Santa Rita Jail, and in the field including telepsychiatry, home visits and homeless outreach.

To help combat the opioid epidemic.