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Last Updated:  07/23/2007

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Medically Indigent Adult (MIA) Medication Program   


Psychotropic Brand-name Medication Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs)

The following information sheet provides the most current information to assist in completing PAP applications as well as obtaining PAP psychotropic medication.  Where applicable, it provides contact information, phone numbers, fax numbers and mailing addresses.  In addition, one may find eligibility periods, required additional documentation, as well as time line requirements to obtain more medication and/or extend the PAP for the client.

On a monthly basis, potential clients are identified through our PBM, and applications are initiated. With the cooperation of the client, caseworker and psychiatrists at 12 BHCS clinics, the application is completed and submitted. If approved, the Drug Company will deliver a supply of medication for the client, ranging from 1-3 months.

         Since 1998, this program has saved nearly $4 million dollars.  In the year 2006 alone, we saved over $300,000.

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         In 2006, 8% of all Rxs were filled using the medication from the MIA Program (~1,200 prescriptions).

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        The overall cost of medication is reduced with the use of this program.  In 2006, this program reduced overall medication costs by more than 25%.

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        The most successful programs are the IVAX Clozapine program, Lilly Zyprexa and the Janssen Risperdal program.
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