We are here to help, and we care. We are with you each step of the way; and we are here to serve.


Seeking Services
We aspire to listen and incorporate the rich experiences of our community in the pursuit of community health, wellness, resilience and recovery.


Seeking Services
YOU INFORM We understand that our diverse community helps to shape our system; and the feedback we receive helps us to continually drive quality improvement and excellence. Contact us We support social inclusion and the full participation of our clients, peers, patients, and family members to achieve fuller lives in their communities.


Office of Heath Equity
To support and empower individuals experiencing mental health and substance use conditions along their path towards wellness, recovery, and resiliency.


Our Mission Statement

We are here to help

We strive to reach out to our communities and make services available to each and every Alameda County
resident in need. Explore this site to learn how to access our services.

If you have any trouble finding what you need, please call us at 1 (800) 491-9099.

Adult & Older Adult Services

Outreach Programs
Outpatient Services
Case Management Services
County Clinic Services
Long Term & Residential Care

Clinical Support & Referrals

Outpatient Screening & Referral
Call Center
Employment Services
Housing Services

Child & Youth Services

Long Term & Residential Treatment Services
Early Childhood Mental Health
School Based Services
Outpatient Clinical Services
Youth and Young Adult Outreach Services
County Operated Clinic Services
Foster Youth Services
& Residential Care

Acute & Integrated Health Care

Acute & Crisis Services
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Integrated Primary Care
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Emergency Management &
Emergency Response

Substance Use

Brief & Intensive Outpatient Services
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Recovery Residence (Sober Living)
Drug Court
Residential & Narcotic
Treatment Programs

Health Equity

Office of Ethnic Services
Office of Peer Support Services
Office of Family Empowerment
Patients' Rights

Forensic, Diversion,
& Re-Entry Services

Community Programs
Care Coordination
In-Custody Treatment
Juvenile Justice Center
Conditional Release

Resources for Providers

We aim to serve as a hub of information and resources for health workers, case managers and other public health professionals.

Words of Hope

Connect with Us

Mental Health Treatment & Referral Helpline
1 (800) 491-9099

1 (510) 533-5018

Substance Use Treatment & Referral Helpline
1 (844) 682-7215

Nationwide Suicide Prevention Lifeline
1 (800) 273-8255

Text or Dial 988 for direct access to the local suicide and crisis line.

Our Community