Training & Technical Assistance

ACBH Tobacco Dependence Treatment Program - provides Clinical Staff Training and Technical Assistance

To support our providers to integrate tobacco dependence treatment into their programs, ACBH has contracted the services of Dr. Samali Lubega, M.D., and Program Manager, Patricia Sanchez, MPH,, staff of Tobacco Treatment Training, a Lifelong Medical Care Program. The Tobacco Treatment staff conduct on-going evidence-based clinical skill-building trainings on how to address and treat tobacco-use dependence, including: basic tobacco education as it pertains to co-occurring conditions, motivational interviewing techniques and tobacco treatment counseling and medication protocols. In-depth on-site training and technical assistance is also available, as well as assistance on tobacco policy implementation. The Tobacco Treatment staff also provide consultation to ACBH management on how to integrate tobacco interventions into ACBH services.

To schedule an on-site provider visit or training to help with tobacco free policy implementation, please contact:
Patricia Sanchez, Email:, Phone: 510-336-4641

For up-coming skill-building training:
See Training Calendar

Tobacco Education and Treatment Resource Materials - For tobacco education and treatment resource materials go to:Tobacco Treatment/References and Resources