Tobacco Treatment References & Resources

Articles, Presentations, Guidelines and Toolkits

Handout Title Description
New The African Americanization of menthol cigarette use in the United States

Article published by Nicotine & Tobacco Research regarding how African Americans smokers prefer menthol cigarettes
An Argument for Change in Tobacco Treatment Options Guided by the ASAM Criteria for Patient Placement

Article published by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), outlines guidelines to provide optimal levels of treatment options in treating tobacco addiction with clients being treated for Substance Use Disorder
Change in Mental Health After Smoking Cessation

A meta-analysis that shows evidence of decreased mental health symptoms, including anxiety, depression and stress after quitting smoking
Successful Tobacco Dependence Treatment in Schizophrenia

Tobacco dependence is an important addiction that should be addressed as part of recovery-base mental health treatment, including for those with schizophrenia
New Schizophrenia Bulletin Article
Tobacco Use Among Individuals with Schizophrenia: What Role Has the Tobacco Industry Played?
New Enhance Your State’s Tobacco Cessation Efforts Among the Behavioral Health Population: A Behavioral Health Resource

The document was developed as a technical assistance resource for state substance abuse and mental health block grant recipients.
Tobacco-Free Toolkit for Community Health Facilities.

National Edition
Varenicline found to be safe and effective in outpatients with stable schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder.

Jill Williams et al. Double Blind Placebo-Controlled Study evaluating Safety and Efficacy of Varenicline for Smoking Cessation in Patients with Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective Disorder
Behavioral Health Resources on Action to Quit Website includes Nami Hearts and Minds—Quitting Smoking Video.
SAMSHA Advisories on Tobacco Policies and Tobacco Treatment in Substance Abuse Treatment

Tobacco Use Cessation During Substance Abuse Treatment Counseling

Tobacco Use Cessation Policies in Substance Abuse Treatment: Administrative Issues

ATTUD Position

Article on ATTUD Position Statement Integrating Tobacco Treatment within Behavioral Health articles presentations
PEERS A peer-to-peer Tobacco Education Presentation for mental health consumers in community settings and at provider sites. To schedule a presentation contact: Heather Riemer Phone: 510-567-7615, (direct line), or at PEERS: 510-832-7337 x205, or email Heather at
Learning About Health Living

A simple 20 session tobacco education program designed by a group of social workers and psychiatrist in NY and NH as a program to help motivate mental health clients to consider trying to quit smoking
Tobacco-Free Living in Psychiatric Settings

Best Practices Toolkit promoting Wellness and Recovery, National Assoc. of State Mental Health Program Directors.
A Tobacco-Free Toolkit for Community Health Facilities Project TRUST Edition
Substance Abuse Treatment for Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders TIP 42.
Case study.

Publication by US Department of Health and Human Services – Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Center (SAMHSA). Offers a case study(pages 216-220)

and specific tobacco treatment guidelines pages 333-348

Clinical Practice Guidelines for treating tobacco-Use and Dependence

This document under-scores the need to treat tobacco dependence as a chronic relapsing condition that warrants repeated treatment interventions. Published by US Public Health Services
A Comprehensive Model for Mental Health Tobacco Recovery in New Jersey

Published article by J. Williams et al. Article explaining their model for Mental Health Tobacco Recovery in New Jersey with the overarching goal of improving tobacco cessation for smokers with serious mental illness.

Varenicline Expert Opinion

J. Williams up- to-date evidence- based review of use of Varenicline/Chantix

Legacy fact sheet on E-Cigarettes

This fact sheet clarifies that there is no evidence of safety and no evidence of efficacy for tobacco treatment with the e-cigarette.

Wisconsin Nicotine Treatment Integration Project: Mental Health AODA and Tobacco Dependence
Excellent website on Quitting tobacco in Mental Health and substance abuse Treatment Numerous videos and other materials – CHECK IT OUT!
Superb client and staff videos on addressing tobacco in drug treatment.
Client video
Staff video
These terrific videos were made by New York State and they are available on the internet free. They capture the essence of the powerful connection between tobacco use and drug use from the eyes of staff and of clients.

E-Cigarette Information and Research Articles

Handout Title Description
Research Article
Nicotine and the Developing Human Brain – A Neglected Element in the Electronic Cigarette Debate
Electronic Cigarette Fact Sheet
American Lung Association facts and positions on E-Cigarettes
Electronic Cigarette Fact Sheet
Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions
New FAQ_E-cigarettes

The CA Dept. of Public Health Tobacco Control Program answers most frequently asked questions about e-cigarettes.
Tobacco-Free Housing, Environments and Programs - Research and Tips for Implementation
Handout Title Description
Children’s Exposure to Secondhand Smoke: Nearly One Million Affected in California A research document provided by UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, titled: Children's Exposure to Secondhand Smoke: Nearly One Million Affected in California.
Common Implementation Concerns This document addresses common concerns, questions and answers when implementing tobacco-free living environments.
Instituting Smoke-Free Public Housing This is a HUD document indicating their intention to institute Smoke-Free Public Housing to improve air quality in housing, reduce fires and maintenance costs.
Real Stories, Real Success: Smoke-Free Policies in Action This document addresses common concerns, questions and answers when implementing tobacco-free living environments.
Vital Signs: Disparities in Nonsmokers’ Exposure to Secondhand Smoke This Report indicates the health disparities in non-smokers who are exposed to secondhand smoke in their living environments.
Using Pharmacotherapy Medications – Client/Patient Handouts
Handout Title Description
Tips from the Experts Advise based on the latest research evidence and the clinical expertise of 16 experts on tobacco treatment
Nicotine Gum Each handout Includes information on: What it is, step-by-step directions on how to use it properly, Do’s and Don’ts, warnings and contact support information
Nicotine Patch
Nicotine Lozenge
Chantix Varenicline
Nicotine Nasal Spray
Medi-Cal flyer Flyer summarizing Medi-Cal bulletins on Patches and Varenicline, created by SFGH/TFP-SFGH Stop Smoking Program.
Medi-Cal bulletins 746 new guidelines for Medi-Cal dispensing of Zyban and nicotine patch. Flyer is excerpt from Medi-Cal update: Pharmacy / February 2011 / Bulletin 746 Bulletin can be found at web address :
Varenicline Medi-Cal Update - 754 Flyer is excerpt on Varenicline from Medi-Cal Update: Pharmacy / July 2011 / Bulletin 754 To see full contents of the Bulletin, use link:
Tobacco Education / Resource Information – Client/Patient Handouts                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Handout Title Description
Stop Smoking Checklist         
Living with HIV/AIDS smoke free        
New      Traditional Vs. Commercial Tobacco         Flyer - Lists the benefits of quitting tobacco.
Benefits of Quitting Tobacco for People in Mental Health Recovery           Flyer - Lists the benefits of quitting tobacco.
Electronic Cigarette Fact Sheet         Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions
The Benefits of Quitting Tobacco         This lists the benefits of quitting tobacco as time passes from last cigarette – from first 20mins to after 10 years.
Diabetes and Smoking         Flyer – Facts about Smoking and Diabetes
Smoking and Heart Attack             Flyer – Facts and information on the effects of smoking on heart attacks, as well as the specific benefits of quitting to reduce risk of heart attack   
Tips for People Who Smoke and Are Having Surgery         Flyer – Explains how smoking often leads to complications during surgery and anesthesia. Provides steps for a more successful surgery
Tobacco Intervention for Early COPD Saves Lives         Flyer – Explains COPD and its relation to smoking, as well as how quitting can help lung function
Asthma – Why Protect those Who Have Asthma from Cigarette Smoke         Flyer – facts and information on how smoking affects people (children and teens) with asthma, benefits of quitting smoking, and ways to protect those with asthma from SHS   
Asthma and Smoking         Flyer – Facts about Asthma and smoking, how smoking affects people with Asthma, and lists resources to quit.
CDC Warning – Coronary Heart Disease         Simple flyer - CDC warning that secondhand smoke increases heart attacks
Tobacco Fact Sheet         Flyer – facts about tobacco
Tobacco Fact Sheet for Teens         Flyer – facts about tobacco
Flu Shot flyer         Flyer – explains how smoking increases risk for flu
Living Free Brochure – tips on how to avoid relapse     Brochure – to help people who quit or are planning to quit from relapsing: looking out for triggers, managing negative thoughts, getting support, writing out a plan, and lists resources.
AC Tobacco Cessation Resource List         Brochure – Alameda County Tobacco Cessation Resource List from the American Lung Association
Nicotine Anonymous         Handout – Includes an Article describing Nicotine Anonymous, and lists telephone and Alameda County NA cessation support
5 Keys for Quitting         Handout to help create a quit plan – created by the US Dept. of HHS
Benefits of quitting tobacco for People in Recovery         Flyer – Lists Benefits of Quitting Tobacco for People in Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs. Lists Facts about Tobacco and Substance Abuse.
Carbon Monoxide             Handout for providers who use Carbon Monoxide monitors on their patients/clients. Explains Carbon Monoxide Test Score and Facts about Carbon Monoxide   
Nicotine-Free News - Spring 2011         
For Teens Who Want 2b Free From Tobacco        
2 flyers (each with front & back) – with online, phone and Alameda County resources especially for teens
Tobacco Posters         Downloadable posters encouraging those with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Conditions to quit tobacco.
Tobacco Information and Tools – for Clinicians / Health Provider
Handout Title Description
New   Alameda Alliance Formulary Changes for Nicotine Replacement and Chantix Effective Jan. 15, 2016, Alameda Alliance now covers Nicotine Lozenge, and Chantix without a PAR.
New   Reasons For Quitting Print this out in card stock and cut-up into little squares. Use this with your clients as they tell you all their Reasons For Quitting.
New   PackTracks Your clients/Patients can use this to track their cigarette use
New   PackTracks A Pack Track clients can use to track how they Cope with Cravings and Moods. Great for teens.
New   Prescription Insurance Coverage - nicotine replacement Alameda County, CA New Guide for Tobacco Treatment Coverage
New  Smoking Cessation Certificate  
New   Plan for high risk situations 911 for Urge Surge.
Tobacco Cessation Client Screening Form A form to help clinicians and providers in screening individual clients for tobacco; includes: Chronic conditions, Contraindications to tobacco pharmacotherapy.
Addiction Triangle A graphic representation of the addiction triangle and circle of support
The Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence – Resources handout ATTUD offers an excellent list serve for subscribers.
New   Helping People Decide Which Method to Use A handout to help Clinicians and Clients decide which method to use and compares them.
Nicotine-Free News Spring 2012 Fall 2012 Spring 2013 Fall 2013 Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Fall-Winter 2015 Spring 2016 New   Spring 2017 A Bi-annual Newsletter (spring and fall) focused on the latest news in Tobacco in Alameda County and more, upcoming trainings, and cessation resources
Video list This list has some excellent videos that can be purchased and others that can be viewed on the internet for free. Consider using them with your clients and/or staff
Choices (Consumers Helping Others Improve their Condition by Ending Smoking) Newsletter Winter 2012 February 2013 October 2013 New   December 2015 New   June 2016 This newsletter is written by consumers/peers/partners for others facing tobacco dependence and wanting to be free. It is something you might want to print and put in your waiting room or post.