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Welcome to the Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Prevention Site

I would like to welcome you to the Substance Use Treatment and Prevention section of the BHCS website. We recognize the devastating impact of addictions on those who are addicted; their friends and families; the healthcare, social services and criminal justice systems; and the larger society in which we all live. BHCS provides resources for our community and assistance to help direct you to substance use prevention and treatment services.

For questions please contact our substance use treatment and prevention team:

Nathan Hobbs, LCSW, Youth Treatment Program Specialist: Children’s System of Care
Michael Kessler, LPCC, CRC,RMT; Older Adult Program Specialist; Older Adult System of Care
Sharon Loveseth, CADCII, LAADC; Adult Program Specialist
Carol Burton, LMSW; Perinatal Program Specialist

We hope you find this section of the BHCS Website to be useful and interesting. We appreciate your feedback.

Best regards,
Tom Trabin, Ph.D., MSM
County Alcohol and Drug Program Administrator


ACBHCS SUD Treatment Referral Guide:
Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services provides substance use treatment services for adolescents and adults that includes specialty services for women, men and older adults. For a list of treatment providers, please refer to the Substance Use Disorders Providers Directory.

Drug Medi-Cal Organized Delivery System (DMC ODS)
The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) and the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently gave final approval to BHCS’ proposed Implementation Plan for the Drug MediCal Organized Delivery System (DMC ODS) Waiver. While Alameda County has an extensive continuum of addiction treatment services, it does not currently operate as a coordinated system of care. The Waiver envisions an Organized Delivery System with screening and referral services so that clients are matched to the treatment that fits their needs, treatment services are accessible and of high quality, clients are matched and referred to further treatment services as their needs change, and regular reports are generated using performance and outcome measures to insure the system of care is working as it was intended. The Waiver enables counties that “opt in” to the Waiver to leverage more federal matching funds to help pay for the cost of these increased responsibilities and enhanced services. You can read about the DHCS and CMS vision of an Organized Delivery System and its associated Standard Terms and Conditions (STCs) for Drug Medi-Cal Services on pages 89-122 and 335 to 363.

BHCS worked extensively on the DMC-ODS Implementation Plan for over a year with input from network providers, county agencies, and many stakeholders. The Plan follows a DHCS-prescribed format to outline how we intend to provide accessible, high quality services to DMC beneficiaries in Alameda County, and address the many requirements found in the Standard Terms and Conditions of the Waiver. The next steps for BHCS are to complete its Fiscal Plan for the Waiver and obtain approval from DHCS and CMS, and to obtain approval through Health Care Services Agency from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. Both BHCS and its contracted network of substance use treatment providers will also need to enhance their staffing infrastructures to meet the many new requirements of the Waiver. While much preparation is required throughout most of this calendar year, we are very excited about the tremendous opportunities the Waiver will provide for us to enhance addiction treatment services to our clients.

Refer to the following links for additional information and resources about Prevention, Treatment for Substance Use Disorders, and Specialized Programs.

Treatment Priority For Pregnant Woman:
BHCS regards pregnant women with substance use conditions as a special population needing priority access when seeking substance use treatment. BHCS provides an array of outpatient, intensive outpatient and residential treatment programs designed especially for pregnant women. BHCS is committed to providing priority access to pregnant women in all of its substance use treatment programs that are co-ed or serve women only, whether a perinatal program or not.

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