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Residential Social Model Detoxification Program - Cherry Hill

The Social Model Detoxification Program is a 32-bed facility serving Alameda County adult residents who are suffering form the debilitating effects of alcohol and substance overuse and frequently co-occurring mental illness.  Consumer stay averages 3-5 days, but individuals may stay longer if awaiting a specific treatment placement.  This program is a comprehensive intervention program which includes a structure of process groups, accommodations for non-English speakers, 12-step groups, HIV and Hepatitis C testing and education, assessment, post-Detox planning/placement/referral, and transportation to treatment interviews or other related services.

The new Residential Social Model Detoxification Services at Cherry Hill are provided by Horizon Services Inc. of Hayward CA.  Access to the services located on the Fairmont Hospital Campus will be by an Intake Process developed by Horizon Services.  No walk-ins will be permitted.  Services began in February 2008.  Contact Horizon Services directly for additional information at or 510-582-2100.  Please see information sheet "Cherry Hill Detox" for details.