A preliminary study, in which a total of 43 patients were included in this two-year, mirror-design study. The types of service utilization (inpatient, ER, outpatient), medication costs, and overall costs were measured in a 1-year period prior to and then after risperidone initiation. Clinical measures to document symptom improvement were done at medication initiation and at 6 months.

  • 78% Reduction in inpatient utilization occurred after risperidone was initiated.
  • 60% Reduction in acute ER utilization occurred after risperidone initiation.
  • Improvement in symptoms of schizophrenia as measured by PANSS and negative subscale scores
  • Overall mean costs savings of $262 per pt/month. (n=43) when all services included, even through
    medication itself is more expensive.

Service Utilization Changes

Intent to Treat: Cost Changes

Mean Cost Changes Over 2 Years