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Jay Mahler Recovery Center

Dear Community Partners,

We are excited to be opening our doors at the Jay Mahler Recovery Center, our newest Crisis Residential Program, on Monday November 9th. In preparation, we want to communicate with you directly regarding the referral process (all required forms are attached). You may begin making referrals on Monday morning at 8:00 AM, FAX: (510) 357-3614. Our admission criteria and referral process has largely been determined by our Community Care Licensing regulations. In our conversations with licensing, we have been able to make some changes to streamline the referral process and reduce barriers to treatment as much as possible.

Referral documents include: We will be admitting new clients beginning on November 9th and will stagger the admissions over the next 3-4 days until we reach full capacity. We are excited to continue to partner with you to provide the best possible care to Alameda County residents. We value and appreciate the time you take to refer clients to our program and will respond with an admission decision within an hour of receiving the referral. Once a client is approved and set for admission, the client must come with a prescription for 30 days of psychiatric and medical medications (if the client is arriving later than 6pm, we ask that the client arrive with the prescription and the next 2 doses of his/her medications).

Admission/exclusionary criteria:
  • Potential clients must have a primary diagnosis of mental illness (and may have a dual diagnosis of substance abuse)
  • Be between the ages of 18-65
  • Cannot have Type I (insulin dependent) Diabetes
  • Cannot have major medical issues that are beyond management in an outpatient level of care
  • Must have Medi-Cal or be “Medi-Cal eligible”/indigent and be an Alameda County resident
  • Must be in crisis and at risk of hospitalization and could safely benefit from this level of care (cannot be an active danger to self or others at the time of the referral)
  • Be willing to seek voluntary services
If you have any questions regarding the referral process or would like to consult regarding a potential referral you may contact:

Administrator Dionne Brooks, LCSW at (510) 357-3562 or
Clinical Director Danielle Vosburg, LCSW at (510) 357-3562 or
Fax Number: (510) 357-3614

We are thrilled to be opening our doors and are excited about the opportunity to provide a safe place for healing and recovery.


The Jay Mahler Recovery Center team