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Quality Assurance

Welcome to the Quality Assurance Office website!

We invite you to explore the pages within the Quality Assurance tab and give us your feedback by emailing

Who are we?

The QA Office of Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services (ACBHCS) oversees the quality of services delivered to beneficiaries of the Mental Health Plan. The primary responsibility of the QA Office is to ensure that state or federal laws and regulations, and BHCS policies are met by all ACBHCS network providers of behavioral health care services. Examples of this Office’s responsibilities relating to delivery of services are to establish and monitor standards of: Clinical record documentation, notification to beneficiaries of their rights, final credentialing of MHP Network Providers, etc.

Although the QA Office implements the Department’s auditing and investigation functions, the ultimate authority for all final decisions is held by Executive Administration.

We are here to assist:
QA Administration:
  Donna Fone, MFT - QA Administrator
  Tony Sanders, Interim QA Associate Administrator
QA Technical Assistance:
  All MH CBO’s/Network Providers: A-I
All Children’s County Clinics and Programs
Phuong Lai, PsyD, LMFT
  All MH CBO’s/Network Providers: J-Z
All Adult County Clinics and Programs
Brion Phipps, LCSW
  SUD Providers A-Z Sharon Loveseth, CADCII, LAADC*
*a non - governmental license LNR4020512
QA Technical Assistance Contacts
Site Certification:
  Shannon Benson, MPA  
Consumer Assistance line:
HIPAA Breach Inquiries::  
Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Hotline:
Clinical Staff:
Ray Carlson, LCSW Phuong Lai, PsyD Sharon Loveseth, CADCII, LAADC
Seth Page, LMFT Brion Phipps, LCSW Gray Rosenberg, LMFT
Jeffery Sammis, PsyD Amy Saucier, LMFT David Woodland, LPCC
Administrative Support Staff:
  Tiffany Lynch, Administrative Assistant Lead  
  Beverly Chu, QA Administrative Assistant  
  Monique Burris, Reception  

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