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Savings To Date and References


This program began in November 2005. Through June 2012 the “CBOs Have Purchasing Power” program has saved the CBOs over $3.5M on just the cost of goods.

We have 65% of the CBOs participating in the cost savings program; we would like to have all CBOs participate!. Thanks to all of you who are participating, and to those who haven’t yet signed up, please do so today. Savings on Konica-Minolta copiers are averaging 50%. These copiers are brand new and include all supplies and maintenance in one low monthly rental rate (you’ll never own another out-of-date copier).

References: If you’d like to speak to a CBO who is participating in the program please call any of the individual listed here:

Janet Herrmann, C.U.R.A 510-713-3202
Irene Kudarauskas,
Alameda Family Services
Property & Salvage
Jimmy Rogers, Second Chance 510-792-4357
Janet Herrmann, C.U.R.A 510-713-3202

Congratulations and thanks for your support. Please participate in these cost-savings programs today. Call the Konica-Minolta contact folks listed below to see how your CBO can benefit or visit the County’s Property & Salvage Department for free surplus County property.

Konica- Minolta: David Offerman 510-865-7200 X124

GSA Property & Salvage