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Resources for Service Providers

This website is designed to serve as a resource to our growing and diverse Provider Community. It is one of the many ways in which Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services strives to support the community’s informed access to care. We hope you find this information helpful as you participate in serving our community.

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  • Alameda Clinic Closing—
    January 22, 2018

    Over the past several years the number of consumers receiving services at the Alameda Community Support Center (CSC) has declined as has the number of beneficiaries in the city. Currently a majority of the clients served at Alameda CSC live outside the city of Alameda. As a result BHCS has decided to close the Alameda CSC at the end of fiscal year 17/18. The last day for client services at the clinic will be June 30, 2018. The children currently receiving services at the Alameda CSC will now receive their services at the Oakland CSC. BHCS is partnering with adult consumers to identify their needs and preferences and connect them to regionally convenient services. Vocational staff will follow consumers receiving vocational services to continue job search efforts. The adult clinicians will be relocating to the Eden CSC and some clients will likely transition with them. Our clerical staff is going to the Conditional Release Program (CONREP) on the Fairmont campus. We believe this restructuring will bring our services more in alignment with the location of our beneficiaries. If you have any questions please contact me.

    Henning Schulz, MA, MFT
    Division Director, Adult Case Management, ACBHCS
    2000 Embarcadero Cove, Suite 400
    Oakland, CA 94606
    Office (510)383-8539
  • Health Through Art 12th Bi Annual Call for Art Contest
    Oakland, CA January 9, 2018/--Health Through Art (HTA), a program of the Oakland based Health and Human Resource Education Center (HHREC) announces it’s 12th Bi Annual Call for Art Contest. 8 Winners will be selected to win $500 and their artwork will become part of Inspirational Advertising Campaigns. The deadline for entries is January 26, 2018 and is open to all ages and abilities. Previous winners have been from the ages of 5-80. Community Bank of the Bay takes pride in supporting Health Through Art and sponsoring the Community Selection Party, a day for community members to chosse the winning art pieces.
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  • It’s a Wrap! Developing Culture-Based Wraparound for African American Transitional-Aged Youth
    The Office of Ethnic Services, and ONTRACK Program Services brings to you It’s a Wrap! Developing Culture-Based Wraparound for African American Transitional-Aged Youth This training will focus on integrating culture into the wraparound planning process for African American people experiencing Substance Use Disorders. This training is intended for administrators, counselors, program managers, program staff, and therapists.
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  • Tobacco Guidelines for SUD Providers
    SUD contracted providers offer and provide treatment plan focused counseling sessions that are associated to client challenges and action steps designed to support recovery from SUD and relapse prevention. Clients whose recovery outcome may benefit by including tobacco use as a challenge (problem) in their treatment plan may receive tobacco related services from the DMC and/or SUD contracted provider. Group services may be provided when a client’s SUD symptoms and recovery potential are negatively impacted by Tobacco/Nicotine use. See Full Memo for Documentation Requirements.
  • Adolescent Suicide Prevention: Recognizing Teens at Risk and Responding Effectively
    The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is hosting a workshop on adolescent suicide prevention that will highlight techniques for early detection and intervention among young people at risk. The event will take place on January 24 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET. To watch the livestream or video archive, click here.
  • Corrective Action Plan Drug Medi-Cal: BHCS Procedures
    BHCS is required to monitor and attest that DMC providers have implemented all DHCS approved Corrective Action Plans (CAP). The county monitoring efforts are intended to assist providers in the write-up of their CAP, assure implementation of the DHCS approved corrective actions, and to improve quality of service for clients. QA-BHCS staff provide technical assistance (TA) for both PSPP DMC DHCS Utilization Reviews and DMC TA DHCS Monitoring visits. See Full Memo
  • National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week
    See flyer
  • Adolescent Suicide Prevention Resource
    Adolescent Suicide Prevention: Recognizing Teens at Risk and Responding Effectively The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is hosting a workshop on adolescent suicide prevention that will highlight techniques for early detection and intervention among young people at risk. The event will take place on January 24 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET. To watch the livestream or video archive, click here.
  • New Trainings! - Intro to MI AND Preventing Vicarious Trauma for Providers

    January 22nd - 24th, 2018 (3-day training); 9:00 am – 5:00 pm each day; A Free Training brought to you by the BHCS Training Unit and Seneca Institute for Advanced Practice:
    Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (21 CE credits available)
    Location: Seneca Center for Education & Training 6925 Chabot Road Oakland, CA 94618. Description: This introductory workshop will familiarize you with the spirit, principles and basic techniques of Motivational Interviewing (MI). MI is a client centered, goal directed, guiding style of therapeutic communication developed by Drs. Bill Miller and Stephen Rollnick to help people motivate themselves to change problem behavior. The effectiveness of MI has been demonstrated in a variety of settings with many different types of clients and is considered to be an "evidence based" practice. Audience: Social Work and Mental Health Providers in Alameda, Solano, Contra Costa or Monterey County.
    To REGISTER: please go to; View Flyer for more information

    Thursday, February 8, 2018); 9:00 am - 4:00 pm; A Free Training brought to you by the BHCS Training Unit and A Better Way:
    Preventing Vicarious Trauma (6 CE credits available) Location: 1900 Embarcadero, Oakland, CA 94606, Suite 100, Brooklyn Basin Room Description: Behavioral Health Care Staff are vulnerable to secondary traumatic stress (STS) through their exposure to trauma and violence in the clients they work with. The group will discuss the symptoms and effects of STS as well as personal experiences of secondary trauma. Strategies for managing secondary trauma and addressing issues of grief and loss experienced in social services will be reviewed. The emotional rollercoaster of working in a high stress profession will also be discussed along with the impact on our personal lives. The importance of self-care will be reviewed with strategies shared for managing stress, self-care planning, and improving our personal well-being, Audience: all BHCS and contracted CBO staff are welcome
    To REGISTER: go to; Pre-registration is required; View Flyer for more information
  • Revised Medi-Cal Included Diagnoses Lists and Crosswalk--Inpatient
    On October 13, 2017, DHCS reissued the Inpatient Medi-Cal Included (aka “Covered”) Diagnoses List—correcting errors in the previous Information Notice 17-004. Please find the resultant update to the ACBHCS Inpatient Medi-Cal Included Diagnoses (Numeric & Alpha) Lists with Cross-walk. Please be sure to use these ACBHCS Included Diagnoses Lists (more inclusive) for all Inpatient MH Services rather than the list issued by DHCS.
    This list replaces all previously published Medi-Cal Included Inpatient Dx Lists and Crosswalks posted by ACBHCS.
    See Full Memo
  • Finding Black Psychology-Toward a New Mental Health Paradigm, A Tribute to Dr. Joseph L. White
    An Announcement brought to you by The Office of Ethnic Services
    Join the Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services’(ACBHCS) Office of Ethnic Services, African American Empowerment Committee of the Pool of Consumer Champions (POCC), and African American Steering Committee for Health and Wellness (AASCHW) as we celebrate Black History Month! FINDING BLACK PSYCHOLOGY—TOWARD A NEW MENTAL HEALTH PARADIGM: A TRIBUTE TO DR. JOSEPH L. WHITE
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  • MHSA Three Year Plan FY 17/18-19/20
    Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services invites you to review and comment on the FY17-20 MHSA THREE YEAR PLAN.
    Please email any comments on the FY17-20 MHSA THREE YEAR PLAN to
    All comments must be submitted by 2/16/18.
  • Human Trafficking: Commercially Sexually & Trafficked Youth
    An Announcement brought to you by The Office of Ethnic Services
    Human Trafficking: Commercially Sexually & Trafficked Youth-Identification & Response Training. This training will focus on the power of (Motivating, Inspiring, Supporting, and Serving Sexually Exploited Youth).
    This training is intended for administrators, counselors, program managers, program staff, and therapists.
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  • Policy, Procedure & Protocol Changes for Clinical Documentation Standards
    An Announcement brought to you by Tiffany Lynch - Quality Assurance Office:
    New Clinical Documentation Standards being implemented, effective March 1st, 2018 as a result of the DHCS Info Notice 17-040 and recommendations approved by the Quality Improvement Committee. Please see this memo for full details.

  • Winter 2017 Alameda County IPS Collaborative Newsletter
    I'm excited to share our latest newsletter, which highlights our ten BHCS Individual Placement and Support (IPS) employment programs. This issue includes client success stories from FACT, BOSS and Telecare STRIDES; team spotlights from BACS, Telecare CHANGES, Abode, and Fred Finch Youth Center; an employer feature; and other exciting tidbits.
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  • A resource recommended by Quality Assurance
    The SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions is pleased to announce new and revised webpages on Trauma, Suicide Prevention, and Intimate Partner Violence.
    Each page is full of updated content and many of the best nationwide resources on these topics, tailored to behavioral health and primary care organizations.
    Trauma Page
    Suicide Prevention Page
    Intimate Partner Violence Page
  • Thursday, January 18, 2018; 8:30am - 5:00pm
    Mental Health First Aid Training (Youth version)
    Location: ACBHCS, 2000 Embarcadero, Suite 400, Gail Steele Room, Oakland, CA.
    Description: Youth Mental Health First Aid introduces participants who work with youth to the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems in adolescents, builds understanding of the importance of early intervention, and teaches participants how to help an adolescent in crisis or experiencing a mental health challenge.
    Audience: All classifications of BHCS and contracted CBO staff are welcome
    To REGISTER: please go to
    Registration DEADLINE is two (2) days prior to each training date
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  • Wednesday, January 24, 2018; 9:00 am–12:30 pm
    Becoming a Trauma Sensitive Workforce
    Location: ACBHCS, 2000 Embarcadero, Suite 400, Gail Steele Room, Oakland, CA
    Description: This special three and a half hour training is focused on guiding staff on becoming a trauma sensitive workforce. The training focuses on the six key principles to a trauma informed systems approach including: Understanding Trauma & Stress, Safety & Stability, Compassion & Dependability, Cultural Humility & Responsiveness, Collaboration & Empowerment, Resilience & Recovery.
    Trainers: Cris Rita, M.A. & Matt Podkomorski M.A., LMFT, from Crisis Support Services of Alameda County
    Audience: All classifications of HCSA and contracted CBO staff are invited and highly encouraged to attend.
    To REGISTER: please go to
    Registration DEADLINE is two (2) days prior to each training date
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  • Tuesday, February 6, 2018; 8:30am - 5:00pm
    Mental Health First Aid Training (Adult version)
    Location: Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, Creekside Plaza, 1100 San Leandro Blvd., Redwood Conference Room, San Leandro, CA
    Description: Adult Mental Health First Aid presents an overview of mental health and substance use issues in the U.S. and introduces participants to risk factors and warning signs of mental health and substance use concerns. Participants will be taught a 5-step action plan encompassing the skills, resources, and knowledge to help an individual in both crisis and non-crisis situations connect with appropriate professional, peer, social, and self-help care.
    Audience: All classifications of BHCS and contracted CBO staff are welcome
    To REGISTER: please go to
    Registration DEADLINE is two (2) days prior to each training date
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  • Training Announcement: Jan 10, 2018 - Brief Tobacco Training Interventions
    Wednesday. Jan 10, 2018; 8:30am - 4:30pm Brief Tobacco Cessation Interventions
    Description: Participants will learn the basics of Tobacco 101 and how to apply one-on-one cessation counseling techniques to motivate and support tobacco cessation among high-risk populations. Location: ACBHCS, 2000 Embarcadero, Suite 305, Oakland, CA 94606. Audience and Cost: Clinical Staff of substance abuse, mental health and primary care providers, Health Educators, Community Cessation Facilitators, Case Managers, Home Health Care Workers, Nurses and other healthcare providers. Registration and Contact info: Request and Submit applications to Alize Bell:, ph: (510)450-8338 ext. 315.
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  • Tobacco Treatment Specialists four-day Training, Feb & March 2018!
    A special FOUR-DAY training brought to you by: Alameda County Provider Network for Tobacco Dependence Treatment and Cessation Day 1- Feb. 26; Day 2- March 1; Day 3- March 7; Day 4- March 8; 8:30am - 4:30pm all days (Completion of pre-requisite online training required before January 26.) UMass TOBACCO TREATMENT SPECIALIST CORE Description: Description: The TTS Core Training is an intensive 4-day, in person, evidence-based training program designed for persons who deliver moderate to intensive tobacco treatment services within a health care or community setting. It is designed to address a set of core competencies, defined by the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence. Location: ACBHCS, 2000 Embarcadero, Suite 305, Oakland, CA 94606 Audience and Cost: This training will be free for staff who have support of their agency to work as a Tobacco Treatment Specialist, in Alameda County Behavioral Health agencies, medical clinics or Social Services agencies that provide tobacco treatment for clients. There is a cost for agencies outside of Alameda County (see flyer). To Register: Request and Submit applications to Alize Bell:, OR to Patty Sanchez at Questions? Contact: (510)450-8338 ext. 315.
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  • Promotion Announcement: Crisis Services Behavioral Health Manager
    A message brought to you by Kate Jones, Adult/Older Adult System of Care Director
    I am pleased to announce the promotion of Stephanie Lewis to the position of Crisis Services Behavioral Health Clinical Manager. Stephanie is the current supervisor of the Crisis Response Program. Stephanie has over 15 years of experience working in field-based crisis intervention services through Berkeley Mental Health and ACBHCS. In her new role, Stephanie will assist in planning and overseeing the expansion of field-based crisis intervention services and the systemic changes that will support the expansion.
    Please join me in giving Stephanie a warm congratulations and well wishes on her new role!
  • POCC Holiday and Cultural Event
    The Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Pool of Consumer Champions invites you to the annual POCC Holiday and Cultural event on December 13, 2017 from 10:00-3:00 at the Columba Catholic Church located at 6401 San Pablo Ave in Oakland, CA 94608
    Please see flyer.
  • Free training: Cognitive and Behavioral Techniques, December 15, 2017
    Training: Cognitive and Behavioral Techniques
    December 15, 2017, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Description: this training is a one-day experiential workshop that provides an in-depth understanding of fundamental cognitive and behavioral techniques used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Audience: Clinical Staff from Alameda County BHCS and BHCS-contracted providers serving Alameda County. Location: Seneca Center, Administrative HQ office, 6925 Chabot Road, Oakland, CA 94618
    See Flyer
    To REGISTER please go to:
  • Office of Ethnic Services wants to remember the life of Dr. Joseph L. White
    By now, many of you may have already gotten word about the death of Dr. Joseph L. White who had a heart attack on the plane on route to visit his daughter over the Thanksgiving holiday. Dr. White was a recognized and celebrated psychologist and known nationally and internationally for his contribution in the field of psychology. More importantly, he was a pioneer in the contemporary field of Black psychology and was affectionately referred to as the “Godfather of Black Psychology”.
    Service Information
    The following will be held at Christ the Redeemer AME Church, 45 Tesla, Irvine, CA 92618
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  • New DHCS Notices Re: SUD Services
    DHCS recently shared the following:
    • 42 CFR Part 2- Judicial Districts in California. Alameda County is in the Northern District of California. The provider must provide contact information in case of a complaint or breach of confidentiality to the beneficiary / client.
    • Fair Hearing Rights – the notice provides the new DHCS address and contact information that must be provided to the beneficiary when or if there is a change in benefit. Dated 11/13/2017
  • Appointment of Assistance Finance Director

    I am pleased to announce the appointment of Cecilia Serrano to the position of Assistant Finance Director effective Dec. 3, 2017. Cecilia currently serves as the Financial Services Officer in the Budget and Special Claiming Unit and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her new role. As the Assistant Finance Director, Cecilia will be providing support for meetings, program planning as well as Budget Modification review and approval. Please join me in welcoming Cecilia and offering her support as she assumes this new role.
  • BHCS Culturally Responsive MH Serv for Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity
    Registration is now open for the BHCS Culturally Responsive MH Services for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Training, presented by the Pacific Center for Human Growth.
    The 12/6 training will focus on issues related to Children, Youth and Young Adults.
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  • ICC/IHBS Services for Full Scope Medi-Cal Beneficiaries REVISED 10/27/2017
    Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) and Intensive Home Services (IHBS) for all eligible Full Scope Medi-Cal beneficiaries began on July 1, 2017. The attached Cover Page and Referral Form contains information on how to access these services for those children and youth who meet criteria for these services.

    ICC-IHBS Referral Cover Page
    BHCS ICC Referral Form
  • Mental Health First Aid Trainings - Nov 28 & Dec 15. REGISTER SOON!
    • Tuesday, November 28, 2017; 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
      YOUTH Mental Helath First Aid Training
      Location: 2000 Embarcadero, Ste 400, Gail Steele Room, Oakland, 94606. To REGISTER, go to: View Flyer for more information.
    • Friday, December 15, 2017; 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Mental Helath First Aid Training (Adult version) Location: City of Fremont, 3300 Capitol Ave, Building A in the “Large Fire” classroom, Fremont, 94538 To REGISTER, View Flyer for more information.
  • FREE Training - Dec. 14, 2017 - How to Help Your Clients be Tobacco Free
    Thursday, December 14, 2017; 8:30 am - 12:30 pm;
    HOW TO HELP YOUR AGENCY HELP YOUR CLIENTS BE TOBACCO FREE: POLICY MATTERS Trainer: Cathy McDonald, M.D., MPH, ATOD Project Dir. Description: This training will cover the rationale and the importance for tobacco policies, how to increase tobacco Tx and screening, ways to include tobacco Tx discussion into established SUD groups, and more... Audience: Administrative and Clinical Staff of ACBHCS funded substance use and mental health programs
    To REGISTER, please EMAIL Alize Bell, or fax in the registration on flyer
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  • Transgender Day of Remembrance 2017
    The Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) was started by a transgender women, Gwendolyn Ann Smith, in the wake of the murder of Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was killed in 1998 in Allston, MA. The vigil commemorated all the transgender people lost to violence that year and began an important memorial that has become the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance.
    "The Transgender Day of Remembrance seeks to highlight the losses we face due to anti-transgender bigotry and violence. I am no stranger to the need to fight for our rights, and the right to simply exist is first and foremost. With so many seeking to erase transgender people -- sometimes in the most brutal ways possible -- it is vitally important that those we lose are remembered, and that we continue to fight for justice."
    - Transgender Day of Remembrance founder Gwendolyn Ann Smith

    We offer 30 on-demand webinars on topics such as Ten Things: Providing an Inclusive and Affirmative Health Care Environment for LGBT People and others:
    • Introduction to LGBT Health
    • LGBT Youth
    • Transgender Health Care
    • HIV Prevention
    • Same-Sex Domestic Violence
    • and more!
    For more information, click here!
  • New Document on Mental Health and Wellness through Civic Participation
    New Document on Mental Health and Wellness through Civic Participation
    Mental Health and Wellness Through Civic Participation outlines the steps to getting involved in government as one aspect of participation in community life that fosters community inclusion.
    Click here to access the document.
  • Top 10 Tips to Quit Smoking Flyers
    With the Great American Smokeout coming up on November 16th, now is a good time to order our popular Top 10 Tips to Quit Smoking flyer, availalble free of charge and shipping from the California Smokers' Helpline.
    This 2-sided flyer features qutting tips from Helpline counselors--in English on one side and Spanish on the other.
    Order Here
    You can also share our Top 10 Tips video on your own website or social media sites. Just click on the share icon in the bottom right corner of the video.
    Quit attempts are vitally important to population-based cessation as most tobacco users must try repeatedly to quit before they succeed. Fortunately, 70% of smokers say they want to quit. And, asking and advising a patient to quit can actually double the chance that he or she will try.
    So, encourage your patients and clients to make a quit attempt and provide them with our Top 10 Tips to Help Smokers Quit flyer. For smokers who need additional support, refer them to 1-800-NO-BUTTS (1-800-662-8887) or to our online registration form for free help and a plan to quit.
  • Gender Diversity Training in Early Childhood
    Alameda County Behavioral Health’s Building Hope is pleased to announce a Gender Diversity Training in Early Childhood on December 8th. Please refer to attached flyer for more information.
    To register, please follow link:
    Children are stretching beyond gender boxes labeled “boy” and “girl” in early childhood, yet many families, caregivers and schools are not ready to support them. What do we need to nurture children’s healthy development related to gender?
    Part 1: 9am-12:30pm Fundamentals
    Part 2: 1-4pm Application
    Lunch will be provided for those who participate in Part 1 & Part 2
    View Flyer
  • Recruiting Latina/o/x Members for a MH Stigma Reduction Support Group
    Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery Services (PEERS) is seeking members of the Latino/a/x community to participate in a Stigma Reduction Support Group.
    Flyer 1
    Flyer 2
    Provider Memo
  • Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Leadership Conference 12/11/17
    Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidence-based practice of supported employment for people with mental health challenges. This conference brings together innovative leaders throughout California who want to help more people get and keep jobs as a path toward mental health recovery. IPS creators and researchers Dr. Robert Drake and Deborah Becker will be keynote speakers.
    When: Monday, December 11 from 9am- 4:30pm
    Where: Cal Endowment, 2000 Franklin, Oakland
    View Flyer
  • Systems Issues in the Treatment of African American Adults and Transitional Aged Youth With Substance Use Disorders
    In order to improve treatment to African American Adults and transitional-aged youth with substance use disorders, internationally recognized trainer Roland Williams, MA, LAADC, ICADC, NCAC II, ACRPS, SAP will provide Alameda County Behavioral Healthcare staff and leadership with information and strategies designed to improve cultural competency for working with African Americans while reducing racial/ethnic health disparities in SUD treatment outcomes. Special considerations will be given to institutional barriers to the successful treatment of African American adult’s transitional aged-youth.
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  • Behavioral Health Care Services Interim Director Announcement
    View memo
  • Creating Trans-Affirming SUD Services For African American Adults and Trans
    This training will explore the breadth of identities associated with African American trans, and gender nonconforming communities, and how to utilize culturally competent language and behavior for addressing, and working with this population. Participants in this training will not only increase their knowledge of substance use risk and protective factors for this population, but also the social determinants of health, legal and policy issues that impact African American trans communities.
    View memo
  • Director for Adult/Older Adult System of Care
    I am pleased to announce that Kate Jones has been selected as the new Director for the Adult/Older Adult System of Care (AOASOC)
    View memo
  • Updated Lockout Situation Grid
    QA has revised the ACBHCS Lockout Situation Grid - please review and implement as appropriate.
    Click here for the updated grid.
  • Clinical Psychriatric Pharmacist Scope of Pracitce
    This policy and procedure is intended to formally recognize the role of clinical psychiatric pharmacists (pharmacist) in the provision of medication management services within Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services (BHCS) and to fully utilize their skill set to support the health, wellness and recovery of clients, and to maximize the effectiveness of the medical-clinical team.
    Click Here for Full Policy
  • We Need Your Help

    An Announcement brought to you by James Wagner, Interim Deputy Director

    Due to requirements from our Triennial Audit, our Ethnic Services Unit is offering training opportunities to improve the cultural competency skills of staff, management and our contracted providers.

    Please Click Here for flyer

  • DHCS State FY 16-17 county Monitoring Report- SUD Programs

    An Announcement brought to you by Quality Assurance

    ACBHCS has received the DHCS May 1, 2017 State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2016–2017 – County Monitoring Report with Audit results.

    Please Click Here for Report Content

  • FAQs, Lock-Out Grid, and Recoupment Memo for Mental Health Services
    The Quality Assurance Office is issuing this memo for IMMEDIATE ACTION re:

         • ACBHCS Medi-Cal Lock-out Restrictions:
         • DHCS/ACBHCS Reasons for Recoupment
         • SMHS FAQ’s on the Provider Website

    Please Click Here for Full Content and Resources: Memo

  • Quality Assurance Technical Assistance Contacts
    Please see the attached document for the Quality Assurance Technical Assistance Contacts for all ACBHCS Providers effective 5/4/17
    View Document
  • BMH relocation
    Greetings, please print, forward and distribute widely within your organization the flyer announcing the new (temporary) location for BMH Adult Services, now on Alcatraz Ave beginning Tuesday May 2. Thank you for your continued collaboration and cooperation, from all of us at BMH.

    Dan Ezekiel, LCSW
  • Building Hope / Construyendo Esperanza

    We are happy to announce that Alameda County Early Childhood Consultation and Treatment Program (ECCTP) has a new name— Building Hope / Construyendo Esperanza

    We will continue providing early childhood home-based and clinic-based mental health services, as well as mental health consultation in early care and education (child care) programs in Alameda County.
         • Same Program
         • Same Great Staff
         • Same RU
         • Deb Yates, Supervisor 510.481.4203

    Our flyer for distribution.
    View Memo
  • Trauma Informed Care Website
    Trauma Informed Care Website
    We are pleased to announce that BHCS has re-launched the Alameda County Trauma Informed Care website. Information and resources about Trauma Informed Care are posted in the following sections: Trauma Informed Care, Trauma Informed Agencies, Caregivers & Providers, Trauma Survivors & Family, and Resources.
    On the site, you will find answers to questions like “what is trauma?” and “what’s the difference between trauma treatment and trauma informed care?”
    Learn about how trauma impacts mental and physical health, trauma specific interventions, the fundamentals of a trauma informed agency, relevant webinars and trainings, vicarious trauma support, tips for self-care, and recommended learning resources.
    To access the website, go to the following link
    For more information and questions, please contact Lori DeLay, BHCS Trauma Informed Care Coordinator,
  • Casa Ubuntu Grand Opening
    Casa Ubuntu is a new Wellness Center in Eastmont mall. Grand opening Friday, November 4th.
    View Flyer
  • Update - BHCS FSP RFP Planning Process
    View Memo
  • Voices from the Village
    The Prevention Unit invites you to view its recently completed video featuring the work of BHCS’ Substance Use Disorder Primary Prevention providers. The Voices from the Village Video and Companion Program Guide was supported with Primary Prevention funds and was executive produced by Kelly Robinson in collaboration with the Institute for the Advanced Study of Black Family Life and Culture, which served as the project lead. Voices from the Village highlights the ways in which community-based organizations build successful prevention programming around the indigenous protective factors that exist in culture and community.

    View the video at the link:

    For more information please contact: Kelly Robinson, Program Specialist – Prevention.; (510) 383-1792.
  • Alameda Alliance Formulary Changes for Nicotine Replacement and Chantix Effective January 15, 2016
    More Information
  • Reserved Parking Spaces At 1900 and 2000 Embarcadero
    Please read the attached memo from BHCS Director Manuel J. Jiménez regarding reserved parking spaces at 1900 and 2000 Embarcadero.
    View Memo
  • Addendum to Unaccompanied Children (UAC) letter dated November 12, 2015.
    Additional information provided in italic print and underlined for your reference.
    View Addendum
  • Crisis Planning Report
    The Crisis Planning Report with recommendations as completed by Resource Development Associates a local consulting firm.
    View Report
  • The Quality Assurance Office has revised the call list for Technical Assistance, effective 9/1/15. Please see update here.
  • Sample Medi-Cal Compliant Assessment, Client Plan, and Progress Note Forms
    The Quality Assurance office, in response to providers requests, has developed Sample Medi-Cal Compliant Assessment, Client Plan, and Progress Note Forms.
    See More
  • BHCS FSP/ACT RFP Planning Process
    View memo
  • All potential referrals to Pathways to Wellness must be screened by ACCESS at 800-491-9099
    View Announcement
  • Changes to BACS Wellness and Recovery Centers
    View Memo
    As per the BHCS Quality Assurance Unit’s Annual Memo dated July 22nd (which can be found on the BHCS Provider website: Quality Assurance – Memos and Notices page) “As of August 1, 2014, treatment plans will only be required on an annual basis.” INSYST has been updated to reflect this change on both the CQRT (UC) Authorization screens and MHS485 “Outpatient Utilization Control” report.

    PLEASE NOTE: When entering an authorization, INSYST will apply the new rule to all authorizations (including treatment plans) for episodes opened before August 1, 2014. Authorizations that should be for six months will display (on the day they are entered) as twelve months extension. The system is running a cleanup process each night (for authorizations entered before 6pm) that will correct the screen for episodes opened before August 1, 2014 and are being approved for ONLY six months in order to bring the chart to an annual cycle. This process will end on February 28, 2015, as INSYST will display the correct annual cycle from going forward.
  • HIPAA Breach Report Policy updated QA’s HIPAA Breach Report Policy updated with 2014 DHCS reporting form and link to, federal reporting form - see QA Manual Page, Section 11-5
  • ACBHCS Vocational Program Summer Newsletter
    ACBHCS Vocational Program presents our latest biannual newsletter.
  • Special Training Announcements: New Online Registration System and Legal Training Announcement
    The BHCS Training Unit is pleased to announce that we are streamlining the registration process for our trainings through a new online registration system available now at the link below. We have collaborated with the Alameda County Training & Education Center on this process and want to thank them for their assistance with helping us to launch this new system! With this system, all BHCS employees at both county units and community-based organizations can access the online registration system and have the ability to self-register for BHCS training events, see a personalized training record and more. If you have attended one of our BHCS training activities in the past or if you are a county unit employee, you may have already received an email about this system and can “log in” (at the link below) with that information to register for a new training. If you have never attended a BHCS training activity before, then to access this system, a user profile and a password must be created at the link below and then you can log in to the system whenever you would like to register for a training in the future:

    To log-in, click on this link:

    The Training Registration Guide with instructions on how to create a user profile and password and how to register for a training activity is attached at

    For questions, please contact with the subject header “Online Registration”.

    --The BHCS Training Unit

  • Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Geriatric Assessment & Response Team (GART)
    Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Geriatric Assessment & Response Team (GART) has moved to the Gail Steele Wellness and Recovery Center, 409 Jackson St, #200, Hayward, CA 94544, effective 5/1/12. The administrative phone number is (510) 891-5650. QIC code is 50802. Business hours are 8:30-5:00 M-F

  • The Quality Assurance Office is reintroducing the Consumer and Family Assistance Phone Line.
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  • Introducing the BHCS Finance Provider Relations Medi-Cal Benefits Help Desk
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  • Alameda County SCHOOL HEALTH SERVICES FINDER database launched.
    This database, which will be updated annually, lists school based services provided and funded by HCSA Departments.
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  • Managing Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Housing Assistance Handbook
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