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Resources for Service Providers

This website is designed to serve as a resource to our growing and diverse Provider Community. It is one of the many ways in which Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services strives to support the community’s informed access to care. We hope you find this information helpful as you participate in serving our community.

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  • Mental Health Loan Assumption Program (MHLAP), Application Information Workshops
    The Alameda County Workforce, Education and Training (WET) unit is pleased to announce that three (3) MHLAP application workshops will be held on Friday, October 17, 2014, to provide information to applicants about Alameda County’s eligibility criteria, MHLAP application process and answer your questions. Special guest, Tino Raya, the OSHPD Program Officer of MHLAP will also be assisting to answer questions and aid in the application process. You can attend any of the three workshops.
    Location: 1900 Embarcadero, Ste 101 “Brooklyn Basin” room, Oakland 94606.
    Times (attend one): 9am -10am, 10am -11am, 11am – 12pm. Registration is not required to attend the workshops.
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    View MHLAP 2014 Q&A guide
    As per the BHCS Quality Assurance Unit’s Annual Memo dated July 22nd (which can be found on the BHCS Provider website: Quality Assurance – Memos and Notices page) “As of August 1, 2014, treatment plans will only be required on an annual basis.” INSYST has been updated to reflect this change on both the CQRT (UC) Authorization screens and MHS485 “Outpatient Utilization Control” report.

    PLEASE NOTE: When entering an authorization, INSYST will apply the new rule to all authorizations (including treatment plans) for episodes opened before August 1, 2014. Authorizations that should be for six months will display (on the day they are entered) as twelve months extension. The system is running a cleanup process each night (for authorizations entered before 6pm) that will correct the screen for episodes opened before August 1, 2014 and are being approved for ONLY six months in order to bring the chart to an annual cycle. This process will end on February 28, 2015, as INSYST will display the correct annual cycle from going forward.
  • Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Learning Conference
    Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services presents: Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Learning Conference – Monday, November 3, 2014
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  • Announcing two free and special training opportunities:
    1. Practical Tips for Helping Clients on General Assistance to Qualify for SSI: Thursday, November 6, 2014, 1:30 – 3:30pm; Location: 2000 Embarcadero Cove, 4th fl, Gail Steele Room, Oakland; presented by Steven Weiss, Atty; 2 CE credits for LCSW, MFT, LPCC, CAADAC and RNs. View Flyer for more information and registration information.
    2. Law & Ethics for County Behavioral Health &Health Care Providers; Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 9:00am – 12:00noon; Location: 125-12th Street, 4th fl, Oakland; presented by Linda J. Garrett, JD; . 3 CE credits provided for LCSW, MFT, RN, CAADAC, Psychologists. View Flyer for more information and registration information.
  • Extension of Application Deadline For the BHCS Graduate Intern Stipend Program
    New Deadline: Friday, October 3, 2014
    The deadline to submit applications for the BHCS Graduate Intern Stipend is Friday, October 3, 2014. Applications will NOT be accepted after this date.

    For more information and application, please visit:
  • SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: ACBHCS is sponsoring a two day conference focused on spirituality and recovery: The Spirituality Factor: Weaving Spirituality & Behavioral Health Using Evidence & Practice; Thursday and Friday, October 9 & 10, 2014; 8:30am-4:30pm both days; Allen Temple Family Life Center, Oakland, California; see flyer for more information and registration information; Open Until Filled:
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  • Clinical Documentation Standards Training- December 3rd, 2014
    The Quality Assurance Office encourages Clinical Managers for all BHCS Clinics/Programs to participate in this “Train the Trainer” Training. This is a clinical training with the following learning objectives:
    • Increase their knowledge of clinical documentation standards as set forth by ACBHCS, the California Department of Health Care Services and the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (Medi-Cal) Services.
    • Improve their ability to utilize the most appropriate CPT procedure codes for psychological services provided to Medi-Cal and Medicare beneficiaries.
    • Learn how to develop and implement client plans utilizing appropriate goals, objectives and interventions.

    For information on training criteria and registration, see the training announcement.
    For more information on the trainings offered by QA, please visit our Training Page.
  • Announcing a free and special 2 part training: Motivational Interviewing as a Tobacco Cessation Intervention; Part One – Basic Skills: Thursday, October 23, 2014, 8:30am - 12:30pm; Part Two – Enhanced Skills: Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 8:30am – 12:30pm;

    Location: 2000 Embarcadero Cove, Gail Steele Room, Oakland; presented by Cathy McDonald MD, MPH, ATOD Project Director; 3.5 CE credits per session for LCSW, MFT, LPCC, CAADAC and RNs. View Flyer for more information and registration information.
  • We are pleased to announce that the 2014-15 application for Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Graduate Intern Stipend Program is now available at:

    The application deadline is: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2014. Applications will not be accepted after this date.

    If you have any questions on the application process or requirements, please contact Sanjida Mazid, Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Workforce, Education and Training Manager at: or (510) 567-8071.

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  • HIPAA Breach Report Policy updated QA’s HIPAA Breach Report Policy updated with 2014 DHCS reporting form and link to, federal reporting form - see QA Manual Page, Section 11-5
  • ACBHCS Vocational Program Summer Newsletter
    ACBHCS Vocational Program presents our latest biannual newsletter.
  • Welcome Jeff Rackmil as the Children’s System of Care Director
    ACBHCS Leadership is pleased to announce that Jeff Rackmil, LCSW has been hired as the new Children’s System of Care Director. For the past year, Jeff has been working for the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency in the position of Juvenile Justice Health Services Director. Prior to his current position, Jeff spent 15 years working in ACBHCS as the System of Care Coordinator and as the Assistant Director for the Children’s System of Care. Jeff brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of children’s services to this position, in addition to his collaborative partnership and management skills.

    Jeff will start as the Children’s Director on September 29, 2014.

    Please join us as we welcome Jeff to his new position and his return to ACBHCS.
  • Medi-Cal Coverage for Consumers with Mild-to-Moderate Conditions
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  • New Resources Available for Providers Working with Consumers with Eating Disorders
    We are pleased to announce that BHCS is strengthening its capacity to serve consumers diagnosed with Eating Disorders (ED). Our goal is to build internal ED assessment and treatment capacity within BHCS and its contracted providers and to increase the level of care options available for consumers. As of May 1, 2014 the following consultation services are available to all county clinicians, including county funded CBO clinicians and Level III Network providers. This consultation service will be available until April 30, 2015. We strongly encourage clinicians with an interest in ED treatment &/or who are currently serving clients diagnosed with ED to utilize these consultation and training services.
    More Information
  • Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services FY 14/15 Strategic Update
    Presentation from April 16 & 17 All Provider Meetings.
    • Provides a broad overview of the external environment
    • Describes new expectations and directions for ACBHCS
    • Shares ACBHCS FY 14/15 priorities
    • Discusses provider impact
  • Alameda County BHCS and BEST Now partners with Mental Health Association San Francisco Awarded Peer Personnel Preparation RFP
    Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services and BEST Now, our County’s primary peer specialist training program, an organization of Alameda Network of Mental Health Clients, have partnered with primary bidder: Mental Health Association, San Francisco (MHASF), in their application for the “Peer Personnel Preparation RFP,” a grant designed by the Office of Statewide Health and Planning Development (OSHPD). We are proud to announce that MHASF was one of four awardees of this contract. This contract was designed to develop career pathways for peer positions through training, education, and placement in the public mental health system. Our hope is that this contract will increase the number of mental health consumers hired in Alameda County while strengthening our peer specialist program, BEST Now. Additionally, the RFP will strengthen our collaborative relationships and networking capacity with other counties and programs. Our fellow public grant partners with MHASF include: San Francisco and Marin County, and the City of Berkeley. For more information about the project please contact Khatera Aslami, Office of Consumer Empowerment or Andree Reyes, Workforce Education & Training Unit.
  • BHCS Children’s System of Care February 2014 Newsletter
    Please find attached the latest edition of the BHCS Children’s System of Care February 2014 Newsletter. As always, I hope that you find the information useful and informative. Please feel free to contact me with article submissions for future editions of our newsletter. I can be reached via email at

    Thank you,
    Lisa Carlisle, MA, M.Ed, Newsletter Editor

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  • Special Training Announcements: New Online Registration System and Legal Training Announcement
    The BHCS Training Unit is pleased to announce that we are streamlining the registration process for our trainings through a new online registration system available now at the link below. We have collaborated with the Alameda County Training & Education Center on this process and want to thank them for their assistance with helping us to launch this new system! With this system, all BHCS employees at both county units and community-based organizations can access the online registration system and have the ability to self-register for BHCS training events, see a personalized training record and more. If you have attended one of our BHCS training activities in the past or if you are a county unit employee, you may have already received an email about this system and can “log in” (at the link below) with that information to register for a new training. If you have never attended a BHCS training activity before, then to access this system, a user profile and a password must be created at the link below and then you can log in to the system whenever you would like to register for a training in the future:

    To log-in, click on this link:

    The Training Registration Guide with instructions on how to create a user profile and password and how to register for a training activity is attached at

    For questions, please contact with the subject header “Online Registration”.

    --The BHCS Training Unit
  • The Quality Assurance Office has launched a new Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery Services (SUDS) Webpage to provide updates, training information, and resources for SUDS Providers.
    Visit the page
  • New Claims Correction Form
    Please note that all materials pertaining to the new Claims Correction Form (CCF) are now available on the forms page of the provider website. Please look for the section labeled CCF. Note: the form is no longer available in the Insyst section of the forms page.
  • Trauma Informed Care Website
    BHCS is proud to announce its Trauma Informed Care website. The website is a product of a yearlong trauma initiative to increase awareness of what works to support people who have experienced trauma and to increase the number and variety of trauma informed resources available to our providers community

    The website can be found at and is organized into five main categories including:
         • Trauma Informed Care
         • Trauma Informed Agencies
         • Caregivers & Providers
         • Trauma Survivors and Family
         • Resources
  • Alameda County Juvenile Competency Protocol
    BHCS Children’s System of Care is proud to introduce the Alameda County Juvenile Competency Protocol. This Protocol is a collaborative effort between the following Alameda County Departments: Juvenile Court, Probation, Public Defender’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, Social Services, and Behavioral Health Care Services. This Protocol of the Juvenile Court of Alameda County, provides an overview of procedures for determining a minor’s mental ability to participate in juvenile proceedings, the evaluation of a minor, the competency hearing process, the attempt to obtain/restore competency, judicial review, and the steps to take when the minor is either found to be competent or not competent. This Protocol shall not be used to determine a minor’s mental state at the time of the alleged offense(s) for which the minor is accused. The interdepartmental workgroup has worked tirelessly since August 2011 putting this Protocol together and we are pleased to share it with everyone.
    Juvenile Competency Protocol
    Juvenile Competency Evaluator Letter

  • Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Geriatric Assessment & Response Team (GART)
    Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Geriatric Assessment & Response Team (GART) has moved to the Gail Steele Wellness and Recovery Center, 409 Jackson St, #200, Hayward, CA 94544, effective 5/1/12. The administrative phone number is (510) 891-5650. QIC code is 50802. Business hours are 8:30-5:00 M-F

  • Community Functioning Evaluation (CFE)
    New Community Functioning Evaluation (CFE) School Age Youth Version can now be downloaded from the Providers website.

  • The Quality Assurance Office is reintroducing the Consumer and Family Assistance Phone Line.
    More Information

  • Introducing the BHCS Finance Provider Relations Medi-Cal Benefits Help Desk
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  • Alameda County SCHOOL HEALTH SERVICES FINDER database launched.
    This database, which will be updated annually, lists school based services provided and funded by HCSA Departments.
    Access database

  • Managing Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Housing Assistance Handbook
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