Native American Health Center Community Wellness Department

Location: 3124 International Blvd
Oakland CA 94601
333 Valencia St. Suite 240
San Francisco, CA 94103
Age Group Served: all ages but primarily adults
Program Description: The Community Wellness Department’s training program seeks to develop competent, effective adult, child and family therapists. Our interns are exposed to a wide range of psychological and family systems issues. Interns gain supervised experience in psychotherapy, assessment, consultation and crisis intervention with psychiatric outpatients. We seek to develop skilled mental health providers who are sensitive to the issues involved in working with families of cultures different from their own, particularly those from a Native American background.
Placement Period: 6/30/15-6/26/16 for internship; 7/15/15-7/8/16 for practicum
Program/Placement Hours: 16-24 for practicum; 40 for internship
Preferred Discipline / Experience: Psychology doctoral students with one or more years of clinical experience.
First or Second Year Students: Second
Supervision & Support: Practicum student’s goals for their training year are collaboratively identified at the beginning of the year through discussion with their primary supervisor. Over the course of the year, it is expected that trainees will begin to transition from a relationship with supervisors that is directive to one that is consultative. It is also expected that trainees achieve competency in intervention, consultation, professional development, ethical and legal conduct, and sensitivity to diversity. Typical clinical experiences within the 51-week practicum include: screenings, interviewing, individual psychotherapy with adults and children, substance abuse work, consultation with Community Wellness Department team members, traditional healers and medical staff regarding client care, writing treatment plans documenting services.
In addition to clinical care and community intervention, trainees receive weekly cultural (1 hour), clinical (1 hour), and individual (1 hour a week) and group supervision (2 hours a week). The expectation is that the trainee will come to function as a valued and integral member of the Community Wellness Department team
Send Resume to:
Alexis Hamill, PhD
Training Program Manager
Application Due Date: 1/9/15 for internship;
2/20/15 for practicum
Stipends Available: None through NAHC