Behavioral Health Care Services Building Hope/Construyendo Esperanza

Location San Leandro
Age Group Served 0-8
Program Description Building Hope/Construyendo Esperanza provides home and clinic-based dyadic parent/child and family psychotherapy for children ages 0-8 and their families. Mental health services focus on behavioral, social-emotional, and/or developmental needs that parents have in their relationship with their young children. Common themes addressed in this treatment are separation and loss, trauma, domestic violence, abuse and neglect, poverty, and homelessness. An attachment model is utilized to address these themes.

Building Hope also provides early intervention and prevention services through on-site mental health consultation and direct services to child care staff who care for children ages 0-8. The goal of mental health consultation is to promote and enhance relationships between the child, child care staff, and the child’s family to create a positive child care experience for young children. Consultants address social-emotional, behavioral, developmental, classroom, and family issues within the context of this work.

Both services are provided in a relationship-based psychodynamic model that includes collateral work with parents, individual play therapy, developmental assessments, developmental guidance, some behavioral intervention, and case management. All services are provided with a commitment to socio-cultural sensitivity. Both mental health consultation to child care and parent/child therapy focus on the rapidly changing development of the young child and how development interfaces with mental health concerns. The focus of the intern training experience is on both types of service delivery (mental health consultation to child care and parent/child therapy).

Clinicians work in partnership with our Family Partner to provide family-driven care. Our Family Partner supports the needs of the families and helps caregivers improve their advocacy for their child.

Placement Period Academic school year; we do not take summer interns
Program/Placement Hours Flexible
Preferred Discipline / Experience MSW
First or Second Year Students Second Year
Supervision & Support: Building Hope practices reflective supervision which is a model that encourages self-reflection, insight, and use of self. We highly value supervision and provide consistent weekly clinical supervision for 1 ½ hours. Interns also receive an additional 1½ hours of supervision specifically around the mental health consultation work two times a month. In addition, interns participate in weekly group supervision for 2 hours and a weekly didactic learning seminar that addresses issues relevant to children 0-21 years of age. Building Hope provides an in-depth initial training and orientation and on-going support and guidance to all interns.
Send Resume to: Deb Yates, LCSW

Phone: 510-481-4203

Fax: 510-481-4269

500 Davis St., Ste 120

San Leandro CA 94577
Application Due Date: Flexible – No deadline but earlier is better and typically fall internships are filled by April
Stipends Available: Eligible to apply for the ACBHCS Graduate Intern Stipend Program, up to $6,000 for a minimum of 720 internship hours, awarded through a competitive process