BHCS Mission, Vision & Values

MISSION: Our mission is to maximize the recovery, resilience and wellness of all eligible Alameda County residents who are developing or experiencing serious mental health, alcohol or drug concerns.

VISION: We envision communities where all individuals and their families can successfully realize their potential and pursue their dreams, and where stigma and discrimination against those with mental health and/or alcohol and drug issues are remnants of the past.



We value collaborative partnerships with consumers, families, service providers, agencies and communities, where every door is the right door for welcoming people with complex needs and assisting them toward wellness, recovery and resiliency.
Consumer & Family Empowerment
We value, support and encourage consumers and their families to exercise their authority to make decisions, choose from a range of available options, and to develop their full capacity to think speak and act effectively in their own interest and on behalf of the others that the represent.
Best Practices
We value clinical excellence through the use of best practices, evidence-based practices, and effective outcomes, include prevention and early intervention strategies top promote well being and optimal quality of life. We value business excellence and responsible stewardship through revenue maximization and the wise and cost-effective use of public resources.
Health & Wellness
We value the integration of emotional, spiritual and physical health care to promote the wellness and resilience of individuals recovering from the biological, social and psychological effects of mental illness and substance use disorders.
Culturally Responsive
We honor the voices, strengths, leadership, languages and life experiences of ethnically and culturally diverse consumers and their families across the lifespan. We value operationalizing these experiences in our service setting, treatment options, and in the processes we sue to engage our communities.
Socially Inclusive
We value advocacy and education to eliminate stigma, discrimination, isolation and misunderstanding of person experiencing mental illness and substance use disorders. We support social inclusion and the full participation of consumers and family members to achieve full lives in communities of their choices, where they can live, learn, love, work, play and pray in safety and acceptance.

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