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  • Caught in the Crossfire of Cultures
    This is a five-part intensive workshop series focused on the psychological problems of the Afghan population residing in Alameda County.
    The training is designed to help clinicians and professional entities working with the Afghan population to understand the various mental health challenges the Afghan refugees are experiencing
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  • Best Practices in the Engagement and Retention of African Americans in SUD
    ONTRACK and The Office of Ethnic Services present: Best Practices in the Engagement and Retention of African Americans in SUD Services This training will describe best practices in the engagement and retention of African Americans in substance use disorders (SUD) services. We welcome to this training: clinicians, social workers, SUD and mental health program managers, executives, and community members who support the SUD prevention and intervention work of local non-profits.
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  • 2018 Pool of Consumer Champions 7th annual Awards Banquet and Conference
    A message brought to you by BHCS Consumer Empowerment Pool of Consumer Champions
    Please plan to attend the BHCS Pool of Consumer Champions 7th annual Award Banquet and Conference on Thursday June 28 & Friday June 29, 2018 at the Hilton Oakland Airport Hotel at 1 Hegenberger Rd in Oakland. There will be a POCC membership meeting on Thursday morning followed by a banquet and awards ceremony. A dance with live music will top off the first day. On Friday there will be a day of workshops to discuss Alternative Crisis Services - Peer Respites on the Rise which is the theme. If you are interested please RSVP on Eventbrite, submit a call for presentations or nominate a consumer.
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  • Alameda County Behavioral Health Interpreter Training
    Training of Interpreters
    This intensive 2-day, 14-hour, workshop is designed to immerse bilingual interpreters in the principles and practices of interpreter communication skills. Participants must be proficiently fluent in at least one language other than English.
    Who should attend this training? Direct service staff, clinicians, administrative support staff, community members, contractors, consumers, case managers and others who use their bilingual skills to interpret for their agencies.
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  • Opportunity for Peer Training and Employment
    The California Association of Mental Health Peer Run Organization (CAMHPRO) is a non profit statewide consumer run advocacy organization. CAMHPRO received an OSHPD grant to provide trainings and employment to consumers in the mental health system in Alameda County partnering with BACS, La Familia BestNow!, Peers Envisioning and Engaging in Recovery and the Pool of Consumer Champions (POCC) in this project. The program provides.
    1. sixty hour intensive Peer Specialist training
    2. Three day Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) for work
    3. forty-hours advanced skills training in crisis support
    Fact sheet
    Alameda County Accelerated Peer Specialist Program (ACAPS) Participant Application
  • Finding Black Psychology-Toward a New Mental Health Paradigm, A Tribute to Dr. Joseph L. White
    An Announcement brought to you by The Office of Ethnic Services
    Join the Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services’(ACBHCS) Office of Ethnic Services, African American Empowerment Committee of the Pool of Consumer Champions (POCC), and African American Steering Committee for Health and Wellness (AASCHW) as we celebrate Black History Month! FINDING BLACK PSYCHOLOGY—TOWARD A NEW MENTAL HEALTH PARADIGM: A TRIBUTE TO DR. JOSEPH L. WHITE
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  • Hepatitis A outbreaks in San Diego & Santa Cruz
    Dear ACBHCS Colleagues and Partners,
    The following information regarding outbreaks of Hepatitis A has been passed to the BHCS Office of the Medical Director from our Department of Public Health. While this outbreak has not currently impacted Alameda County, the possibility of spread among vulnerable populations is real and we wanted to encourage vigilance among our providers. Please read below and see the attached advisory.View Memo
  • DHCS State FY 16-17 county Monitoring Report- SUD Programs
    ACBHCS has received the DHCS May 1, 2017 State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2016–2017 – County Monitoring Report with Audit results.
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  • FAQs, Lock-Out Grid, and Recoupment Memo for Mental Health Services
    The Quality Assurance Office is issuing this memo for IMMEDIATE ACTION re: ACBHCS Medi-Cal Lock-out Restrictions: DHCS/ACBHCS Reasons for Recoupment SMHS FAQ?s on the Provider Website Please Click Here for Full Content and Resources: Memo
  • Building Hope / Construyendo Esperanza
    We are happy to announce that Alameda County Early Childhood Consultation and Treatment Program (ECCTP) has a new name Building Hope / Construyendo Esperanza
    We will continue providing early childhood home-based and clinic-based mental health services, as well as mental health consultation in early care and education (child care) programs in Alameda County.
    • Same Program
    • Same Great Staff
    • Same RU
    • Deb Yates, Supervisor 510.481.4203
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  • Trauma Informed Care Website
    We are pleased to announce that BHCS has re-launched the Alameda County Trauma Informed Care website. Information and resources about Trauma Informed Care are posted in the following sections: Trauma Informed Care, Trauma Informed Agencies, Caregivers & Providers, Trauma Survivors & Family, and Resources.
    On the site, you will find answers to questions like ?what is trauma?? and ?what?s the difference between trauma treatment and trauma informed care??
    Learn about how trauma impacts mental and physical health, trauma specific interventions, the fundamentals of a trauma informed agency, relevant webinars and trainings, vicarious trauma support, tips for self-care, and recommended learning resources.
    To access the website, go to the following link For more information and questions, please contact Lori DeLay, BHCS Trauma Informed Care Coordinator,

Mandated Services

The level of mandated services is prescribed by AB 1288 and related Realignment legislation. AB 1288 requires the County to fund Mental Health Services up to amounts received via its Realignment allocation, mandated matching funds set according to a base year and any applicable third party revenues that are available. The mandated services that are required to be funded include: psychiatric crisis or emergency care, inpatient care, outpatient/day care, case management, conservatorship, administration and evaluation. Within these seven mandated service areas, there are a variety of specific mandates such as staffing standards, quality assurance standards, and a host of reporting and general practice standards. Discretionary funding has been used to augment the seven basic departmental services and other program services, such as housing support services and Community-Based Organization stabilization. Continuation of this funding level and service support is at the discretion of the Board of Supervisors.